You Are Worth It!

[This originally appeared October 28, 2013 on my old website The Spirituality Seeker. I am reposting here because I no longer have the old site and it’s still relevant today.]

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Over the weekend (many years ago…) I went to a pretty fabulous seminar at the local Barnes & Nobles. Theo the resident psychic hosted a seminar with author Lawrence Hyde, his wife Neva a Wiccan practitioner, and Reiki Master Phillip Meredith as special guests. While I enjoyed the entire seminar, it was something that Phillip said that struck a cord with me.

“You are worth it.”

Let that sink in.


Those 4 little words punched me in the face. I teared up (seriously). 

I’m a pretty happy person. I know I’m worth it, but sometimes I let my over-thinking brain butt it’s annoying self into the conversation and it’s all like: “ah no you aren’t. Awesome shit is for people that spend hours helping the hungry, adopting baby hippos, finding cures for horrible diseases, not you. You are a pile of poo.” Then the battle begins…I’m awesome, no you aren’t, yes I am, nope, yep, you suck, shut up, bite me, ew. This might go on for awhile….    

For the most part I can tame the part of my mind that talks smack, all those silly nasties that pop up. I know that no one is immune to this “stuff” and that everyone finds it frustrating. 

Sometimes it feels like our worlds are falling apart, nothing good is coming, and our self-smack talk gets worse….then the not good stuff DOES come, because you are focusing on the crap you don’t want. And then the negative self-talk gets even worse because of the not fun stuff and it gets even harder to turn our thoughts around. Been there, done that, keeping on keeping on. You are worth it to have a good life, a good year, a good month, a good day, a good hour, a good minute, a good second. You have to set the intention that it will be good, amazing, great, fantastic, awesome, etc. 

In theory, it all sounds so simple: “your thoughts are things, so keep them positive and good stuff will happen for ya. Otherwise, watch out, those bad thoughts will bite you in the butt because you’re bringing them to your life in some way, shape, or form. Hey, the universe doesn’t know positive from negative, it just brings you what you ask for.” (Editing in the repost to add: It all depends on the power behind your thoughts, emotions, words, etc. If you give it no power it has none). Remembering all that stuff is hard! However, the negative self-talk can be tamed! I know I’ve gotten better with shutting down my negative self-talk and just doing that life is better. I know the babble isn’t true, it’s just fear trying to latch on and take over my life.

How I get over the negative blah blahs and remind myself that I’m worth it:

  • REIKI! (added for the repost)
  • Reverse my train of thought, if I’m thinking about myself negatively I pay myself a compliment.
  • Just ignore the mind chatter. So far it’s the hardest to do, but it’s worth it.
  • Cry it out…for seriously, this helps sometimes. Emotionally you get a clean slate, for the most part. As soon as you’re done crying you’ll feel better and have a clearer mindset to think more positively and feel you are worth it.
  • Take a nap. Yep, sometimes you just need to hit the reset button and all you have time for is a quickie nap. I noticed that I generally wake up in a happier mood. Phillip suggests to never go to bed angry, which I agree with, and for the most part practice….for me, at bedtime if I’m working on a problem it generally it goes like this: cry it out, feel better, work out the demons, go to sleep, wake up happier. As Lawrence says, “your mileage may vary.”
  • Meditate.
  • Listen to music, but not music that’s gonna make me feel like crap. Something that makes me wanna dance!
  • Smile at myself in the mirror.
  • Journal.

So, if I know I’m worth it, and I keep fairly good thoughts in my head, why did those 4 little words rattle my world? Because I forgot. Plain and simple. Lately, I have let the goblins of my mind take over (just a little) and they ransacked the part of my brain that keeps the “YOU ARE WORTH IT” in a lovely overflowing fountain. Well played universe, well played.

What do you do to remind yourself YOU ARE WORTH IT?

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  1. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    Thank you. I needed this today. I often find myself battling the negative self talk but know deep down I am worth it. I do deserve a good life, good friends, loving relationship…thank you for giving some helpful tips.

  2. kailynpiva
    kailynpiva says:

    Hi Sierra! I love your blog. I am a reiki level 2 practitioner – I was attuned in 2014 but since then I haven’t used it a whole lot. (I definitely identify with a few of the different reiki personalities you describe;) ) but my intention going forward is to use reiki a whole lot more… I’m currently experiencing some chronic ‘ickiness’ in my life – stomach stuff, nausea, fatigue… anyway… I’m hoping maybe if I utilize my reiki power again and start practicing it regularly it will help me heal!
    And I hope one day to start up my own energy healing practice to help others where I will use reiki along with a few other modalities! Thanks for sharing your awesome self and for writing this blog. It is super inspiring… I am going to sign up to receive the newsletter!
    XO Kailyn

  3. zuleika
    zuleika says:

    Hi Dear
    Thank you for sharing this very interesting blog with all. I am an advance level 3 Reiki healer.
    I am still very new to all, since starting i have done some healing and also used Reiki in an
    emergency situation and trust me it is powerful.
    Thanks again have a blessed day.
    Reiki Love and gratitude


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