Would you like to write for Reiki Playground?

Reiki Playground is seeking thought provoking, interesting, fun articles by awesome people like you that are about Reiki or integrating other healing modalities with Reiki.

Articles should be of interest to people learning more about Reiki for one reason or another. All articles should contribute to the improvement of the understanding of Reiki and all it’s wonderful uses. Since this is geared towards people that know what Reiki is already please do not explain Reiki in your guest post. Articles should help the reader understand Reiki better in some way.

What we want:

Always Reiki related!

  • Fun 
  • creative
  • Innovative
  • Interesting
  • Sassy
  • From the heart!
  • Passionate 

What we DON’T want:

  • Articles that bring us down. Nothing about cancer, helping people pass over/dying.
  • Limited articles on animals. Yes, we love fluffy cute animals just as much as the next person, but unless you have a adorable or funny story it will not make the cut. 
  • Limited stories about children. Preferably stories that will make us giggle because it’s so cute.  

Why do we choose to limit or eliminate these topics…EVERY other Reiki website, book, magazine, etc. talks about these topics. Want to read about any of those topics? Google it and you’ll see what I mean. We want upbeat, interesting, not done before. If that’s you keep on reading.  

If you have questions shoot them to the email stated below, with that subject line.


  • Email full submission or an idea of what you want to write about to: reikiplayground@gmail.com
  • Subject line (very important, your request will not be considered if it is not this): Article Submission
  • Please keep articles 300-2000 words in length, though other word counts can be accepted.
  • The ways you can submit is through the body of an email, .rtf ,or .doc, NO PDFs.

Guest Posting Tips:

  • My name is Sierra. If all I see is Hello! Hi! Greetings! etc. without my name afterwards…you don’t have a shot. It’s not a narcissistic thing, it’s a curtsey thing.

This is what it sounds like without my name: Hi random person I just found while looking for guest posts, I want you to do me a favor and post my article. I don’t know who you are, but I saw that you take guest posts and that’s all I want because that’s what all the internet gurus say is to do guest posts. Guest post guest post guest post. Write for Reiki Playground. Guest posttttt! Sincerely, random person you don’t know.

Gross right? Don’t be that person.

  • Please introduce yourself if you’ve never messaged me before. Tell me know how you found me and why you want to write for Reiki Playground. Maybe some ego stroke-age….like tell me why you like/love Reiki Playground (so I know what I’m doing right and can continue on the path of awesome for everyone & I know that you’ve read at least something here). Otherwise it comes off just as icky as the above example and spam.
  • If you do not follow the bolded subject line directions in the “How to submit:” section I will not respond. I don’t care how clever you think you are, if your subject line is not simply: Article Submission it’s not happening. Boundaries baby.

The Details:

  • The article submitted must be evergreen and never before published. 
  • These are guest posts and you will have a by line.
  • We reserve the right to reject an article. Please don’t take it personally, it just might not feel right.
  • Also note that we might accept an article and hold on to it to use in the future. I’ll keep you informed through everything.
  • If the article is too much of an advertisement it will be rejected.
  • Please include a picture of yourself and a short bio, 5 sentences tops. You can include up to 2 links pointing back to personal websites or social media profiles. No affiliate links allowed. Please send any pictures that you have the rights to that would be relevant to the story.

At this time, Reiki Playground does not pay for articles.

You can see what other guest posters have submitted here.

If your dream is to write for Reiki Playground be sure to follow the directions in the how to submit section. I can not stress this enough, if your subject line is anything other than Article Submission I will NOT respond.