Ask Reiki Playground: If I cross my legs (or arms) will Reiki still flow?

Ask Reiki Playground: If I cross my legs (or arms) will Reiki still flow?

Today we got this wonderful question:

“I was told by my reiki teacher to keep all limbs uncrossed because if we cross them the reiki can’t flow. So, if I cross my legs (or arms) will Reiki still flow? That doesn’t seem right and I’d like your opinion. Thanks! Lane B.”

Hello Lane!

I’ve heard the same thing as well. Don’t cross your ankles, you’ll stop the Reiki flow. Don’t sit cross-legged. Etc.  SERIOUSLY? ….Sooo, we can send Reiki distantly, we can Reiki any and every situation we can think of, but our Achilles heal is crossing limbs? Bullshits.

Think of yourself like an electric cord, not a water hose.

If you kink up an electric cord, the electricity doesn’t stop. You still get electricity going to your appliances. Of course if you believe that you’re a water hose instead, then the flow won’t go, or it goes very lightly. I’m sure I’d rather be the electric cord. Do you stop breathing, does your heart beat slow down, does your brain function stop, does your blood stop flowing if you cross your arms? Or legs? “Don’t cross your legs”, just doesn’t make sense. We are energetic, electrical beings.  And no, crossing our limbs won’t stop the flow of Reiki. 

If you believe that crossed legs/ankles/arms will stop or stifle the flow, then that’s what’s gonna happen.

The thought got in your head, and you believe it. You’ll believe that your teacher was right so anytime you try and send Reiki while something is crisscrossed you won’t feel the flow.

You did something unusual Lane, something that EVERYONE should do. You questioned what your teacher said. Questioning is how we get to our beliefs. If it seems wrong to you, then you can discard it, no worries.

If you’re reading this and is someone that still believes crossed limbs stops the flow of Reiki, question why. Were you told so and you never questioned it? Then when you tried, you found it true? That’s because the thought was put in your head. Question everything. Before believing, make sure it’s true for you.

3 thoughts on “Ask Reiki Playground: If I cross my legs (or arms) will Reiki still flow?”

  • I was giving a treatment at a reiki share and my master made a thing of this too, crossed legs with feet on the floor. I still felt reiki flowing, was grounded, comfortable and good on my end….till she made a thing of this interrupting the treatment and me out of my zone. I understand her belief however that is HER belief and not what I know to be true from my experience.

    It’s funny how when promoted and talked about that it can do so many wonderful things, flow anywhere and anytime to any situation, miraculously cure and clear the craziest of things, but cross your legs or ankles and then it all stops? LOL That’s funny.

  • Hi. I teach Reiki, and was also told not to cross legs, and so taught it that way, until recently.

    I, too, feel that Reiki flows with crossed linbs, if they are not compressing each other very much.

    But this is not a conclusion based on reasoning. It is not possible for us to know the rules of natural phenomena.

    My dping Reiki with legs crossed is based on intuition and the feeling that it flows.

    And I know that I don’t know any of this for sure, but do the best I can with this beautiful gift.

    Thank you for your good message, and for the opportunity to.learn and share here.

    Best regards. Vivian.

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