When Energy Shielding Doesn’t Work

When Energy Shielding Doesn’t Work

We all know people that we just can’t stand to be around. The energy vampires, evil co-workers, deadbeats, closed-minded, people that use you, etc. You probably know all about shielding to protect yourself from them too (if not, you can read a little bit about it here). Let me ask you though…does it work?

For me, I’ve found that energy shielding is not the best way to deal with people that send me in an anxiety panic attack when I think about them or are near them.

  1. Sometimes I do forget to shield until it’s already too late. I already sucked up the energy and I’m looking like a terrified baby calf wanting to kick people in the kneecaps.
  2. Shielding doesn’t change my mental state. Especially when I’m already in the situation that put my energy into an anxiety tailspin to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go all willy nilly without energy protection. Sometimes you just get caught off guard or have off days.

Here’s what I suggest to do instead of energy shielding, or when it’s not working for you:

  1. Run Reiki. This helps a lot more than you may imagine.
  2. Deep deep breaths. Get that oxygen to your brain! Do a couple of meditative breaths if you want. In 2-3 out 2-3.
  3. Clear your head. A lot of times, the bad things you anticipate aren’t really going to happen. So don’t have those conversations in your head where you tell so-and-so to eat their own poop. That’s not helping anyone. Go at it with a neutral head.
  4. Say no. If the vampire asks you for a sip of your energy, tell them no. Don’t go out to lunch with the friend that just talks about themselves¬†and their family. Don’t have a dinner date with the co-worker that’s just whining about her husband. Don’t go to the break room full of people you just don’t want to deal with. Don’t take the client that is just using you and not doing work on their part. Just. Say. No. You are allowed to. Then breathe and don’t crap yourself. ūüėČ
  5. Use the force. Everything is made of energy. Send out the message that you don’t wanna be messed with. People get the idea really quickly and they move away fast. I’m not saying do¬†this in a negative way or send out icky energy, just that you’re in need of calm right now (or however you want to word it).
  6. Black Tourmaline. Carry/wear a piece. It’s my favorite negativity absorber and if you’re not a happy camper you’re throwing off some massive negative vibes. Black tourmaline will soak those up and help you get back to a space of clarity.
  7. Quartz (any). Create an always-on shield. You can use a quartz crystal of any type to program as a personal shield whenever you wear it.
  8. Leave. You have the right to leave where you don’t feel comfortable. You are not obligated to allow anyone to steal your energy.

What are you favorite ways of protecting your energy besides the shielding method?

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