The Wallpaper Lesson

The Wallpaper Lesson

Stripping wallpaper is a pain in the ass…literally, and figuratively. If you wanna argue, then get to the bottom of the wall, bending over with your scraper and tell me your gluteus maximus doesn’t hurt. Stripping wallpaper…what does that have to do with Reiki? Let me tell you my dear padawan, let me tell you. 

Recently I painted my parents kitchen. As you can probably imagine there was wallpaper involved. Horrible, evil, vial, wallpaper. When there’s wallpaper, it’s not just wallpaper, it’s the top layer (the decorative stuff), then the weird left over bits of just paper, finally the left over adhesive. At least that’s how this wallpaper was.

“This is a lesson” I though after finally stripping the last bits of wallpaper from the wall and removing the adhesive. Throughout this ordeal I’m sure I didn’t observe at least 2 if not 3 of the Reiki principles…”This pain in the ass wallpaper is a lesson.”

Behind the wallpaper, and the irritating spots of left over glue was a blank wall, no surprises there right? It was imperfect, littered with pin holes, a wire, an electric socket, and a weird left over brown color from when it was painted before, but it was a clean slate.

Everyone has wallpaper. Not literal wallpaper, coverups. “Oh I wanna be bubbly today, let’s throw up a sassy floral print! Now I wanna be dark and dreary, let’s use some dark boring stripes.” See what I mean? We create our coverups, our “knockoff selves”.

Sure we can change as often as we want, but it ends up being a pain so we stay the same. Same boringass wallpaper…I think I’ve been beige stripes for a bit haha. Eventually we accept the wallpaper, don’t know how to change, or what to change, but we know we desire change.

Finally, we start to take little steps, get that decorative bit off. That didn’t seem so hard, right? Easier than ripping a band-aid off a hairy arm. Next is the plain paper bits that are still attached with the adhesive. These bits are tougher. You have to soak them down in water or adhesive remover to get them to really budge, meaning inner work.

Not fun, but necessary. Ugh.

Then you get to washing away all those left over bits of adhesive, you probably need a scrubber to get this done. More inner work.

Once you’ve worked through and begin to accepted yourself, you too are a clean slate. No more wallpaper coverup. You, like the fresh clean wall are imperfect, but you are perfectly you.

Now it’s time to paint on new primer and get you ready for show time. You get to pick the colors of your life, don’t let it be some drab-ass boring coverup. Be like my parent’s newly painted kitchen, cantaloupe and honey dew melon. Pick weird color combinations because that’s awesome, but don’t get caught up in the “easy way” by using wallpaper. I don’t wanna see no fruit basket wallpaper up in this place! (Unless of course it’s got characters from the anime Fruits Basket, then that’s totally adorable…and I just got lost in anime nerd land)…

Just for today choose the real you over some knockoff you.

The funny thing about this wallpaper lesson, it’s a pain in the ass to put wallpaper up too 😉

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  • Love this analogy Sierra, how very astute of you to connect to the lesson there 🙂 So true, its all about priming the inner to allow the outer to shine at its best. I feel a wallpapering (self) session coming on and I’m gonna choose something weird & wonderful. Thank you for this.. great food for though <3

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