Using Sei Hei Ki To Rid Yourself of Fear

Using Sei Hei Ki To Rid Yourself of Fear

The other day I said that I felt Sei Hei Ki was a personal transformation symbol so the rest of Sei Hei Ki week will only contain tips on helping you do your own inner work. Today’s lesson is about using Sei Hei Ki to rid yourself of fear.

When I talk about getting rid of fear I’m talking more, fear of success, the fear brought out by anxiety, fear of failure, that kinda stuff. Less scared of the dark kinda stuff, but it’s not impossible.

I’m quite intimate with the feelings of fear brought out by anxiety. Sometimes social anxiety, but mostly living life anxiety, or not being good enough anxiety, or procrastination anxiety (haha). I’m not someone that has to stay inside, and mostly I plow on through the feeling, but anxiety really jacked up my life when I was younger and sometimes it flares back up and breathing exercise don’t work every time.

The thing that really helped the most is Reiki. It’s like a warm hug of awesomeness.

Using Sei Hei Ki To Rid Yourself of Fear

I use Sei Hei Ki to get rid of fear a little differently. I love using the symbol with blue lace agate. If Sei Hei Ki is the embodiment of the Reiki Principles, blue lace agate is the physical representation of the energy of Sei Hei Ki, at least to me. So how do I use it all together?

I’ve got a nice large size of blue lace agate that I like to meditate with. I draw SHK on the stone, visualize the symbol going into the blue lace agate, then hold the stone between my hands for a bit. When I really need to be calm I’ll put the stone on my forehead or stomach. Depending on where the fear is presenting itself.

Adding the stone to the mediation gives me another element to focus on. I notice the weight and it helps bring me back to the present.

Using Sei Hei Ki To Rid Yourself of Fear When You’re Short On Time

Of course there are times when I don’t have a blue lace agate with me. And sometimes ya gotta do something on the fly, so what to do then?

I stop. Place hands in gassho. Give thanks for what’s going right. Start Reiki, call in the energy of SHK, and perhaps draw it on my palms. Place my hands at my heart, and breathe deeply. Sometimes I’ll work with a breath prayer. Reading it, it sounds like a lot, but doing it is pretty quick.

Sometimes I bypass alllllll of that and draw a giant Sei Hei Ki infront of me and ask that it helps me either deal with the fear or release me from it all together. Then I walk through the symbol feeling it envelope me in the energy.

Here’s the thing. You may still have fear, that’s okay, Sei Hei Ki is going to help you handle it better so that it doesn’t take over your life.

Using Sei Hei Ki to rid yourself of fear, is it something that you’ve tried before? Share with us your experiences!

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