Using Cho Ku Rei with Crystals

Using Cho Ku Rei with Crystals

Since we’re talking about Cho Ku Rei this week I wanna talk about using Cho Ku Rei with crystals…because we all know I love me some crystals haha. When I say crystals I mean stones, minerals, crystals, rocks, all that jazz. Any type, any shape: tumbles, roughs, points, spheres, pyramids, etc. If you’re wondering if these techniques will work whatever crystal you’re playing with I suggest trying the techniques to see what happens for you. This is what works for me.

Before we start, you want to use a physically clean crystal (so wash it or dust it or whatever so it’s all clean and ready to work with). We’ll talk about energetically clearing it below.

Using Cho Ku Rei with Crystals

Energetically Clearing & Charging

So you have a clean crystal to play with and you’re ready to energetically clear and charge it. My most favorite way to energetically clear a crystal and charge it at the same time is using Reiki, especially using Cho Ku Rei.

To backtrack a bit for those that don’t play with crystals. Energetic clearing is to get rid of weird/bad/icky/old/etc. vibes that the crystal may have picked up. When we use a crystal we want to have it clear so we don’t pick up energy that may not be good for us. It also resets the energies so that the crystal is at it’s highest and purest vibration.

We charge crystals to infuse them with certain energy. Some peeps like putting their crystals outside in the full moon light or sun energies. I like to use Reiki and symbols. You don’t always have to charge a crystal before using it, it depends on what you’re doing and what energies you want to add with the crystal.

Method 1

What’cha do is hold the crystal in your hand. Draw Cho Ku Rei over the crystal and visualize the symbol going into the crystal with the intention that the crystal is cleared and charged. Then hold the crystal in both hands (perhaps in gassho) until you feel the energy shift and the crystal feels clear and charged. Alternately you can just visualize the symbol if you don’t feel the need to physically draw it.

So what does a clear and charged crystal feel like? It’s different for everyone, but you should be able to tell when the energy has shifted, there will be a distinct difference.

Personally this is my favorite way to use Cho Ku Rei with crystals. It’s quick and easy so perfect if you need to clear crystals before clients.

Method 2

This technique is pretty passive compared to the first one. With this method you draw Cho Ku Rei on a piece of paper with the intention that anything placed on it is energetically cleared and charged. Then place your crystal on top of the symbol. That’s it. Keep it there for awhile and check the energy periodically until you can feel that the energy has shifted.

Projecting Energy

Okay so projecting energy is pretty self-explanatory. This is easiest with a point, but you can play around with other shapes…I’ve used a buffalo shaped jasper once, so it’s doable.

What you’re doing is holding your crystal (right hand is good because it’s considered the sending hand) and drawing Cho Ku Rei with the crystal. While you do this you visualize the symbol (or just the energy of the symbol) coming out of the crystal and going where you want it to go.

I use this a lot when I do chakra work, or the heal & seal, sometimes even the aura bubble.

Crystal Grids

My last method for using Cho Ku Rei with crystals is while working with crystal grids. Crystal grids are crystals put in geometric shapes for a set purpose. Crystal grids can be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be. These are the many methods of how I use Cho Ku Rei in crystal grids.

  • Draw Cho Ku Rei on a piece of paper and use it as the design. Placing crystals where I’m intuitively called to.
  • Clear each crystal for the grid with Cho Ku Rei.
  • Charge each crystal for the grid with Cho Ku Rei, especially if it is a distant healing grid.
  • Project the energy of Cho Ku Rei into the grid.
  • Draw a Cho Ku Rei on a piece of paper and put it under the center stone to project the energy of Cho Ku Rei out.

There you have it, my methods for using Cho Ku Rei with crystals!

Do you have methods for using Cho Ku Rei with crystals? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • You made it so simple . I use crystals for healing … scanning .. balancing & sealing …. always like a good friend they do the needful … & cleansing I do always with cho..ku..rei ….. Sometimes I show them the light of sacred deepam with indigenous cow ghee …

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