Times To Use Sei Hei Ki In Your Daily Life

Times To Use Sei Hei Ki In Your Daily Life

Continuing on Sei Hei Ki week let’s talk about opportunities to use Sei Hei Ki in your daily life.

Use Sei Hei Ki in your daily life, when you…

  • feel upset and angry.
  • are worried about something.
  • need to do your best.
  • want to show your gratitude.
  • need to be reminded to be kind.
  • feel annoyed.
  • need a mental boost.
  • need peace and harmony.
  • need to slow down.
  • need a break.
  • feel outta sorts.
  • need some calm before the storm…

Okay so you’re probs wondering, that’s great Sierra, but how do I use Sei Hei Ki on the fly and still get benefit from it? Glad you asked. You maybe won’t like part of the answer.

Reiki daily. but but but?!, I can hear you say…Reiki daily so that you can cope with all of the above easier and quicker. Then proceed with the following.

Stop what you’re doing (dooooo itttttt), put your hands at heart center or on your head, depending on what you’re feeling. Deep breath. Bring in Sei Hei Ki (drawing/visualizing/whatevs…). Imagine that SHK enters you from the top of your head and flows down and out through your feet. Feel yourself become calmer. Feel your energy smooth out. Feel at ease. Do this for as long as you need to for max benefits. If you don’t have time at least do it for three deep breaths. This is actually a really good way to start your day and center yourself. It reminds you to stop and listen to your body needs too.

You can also use the exercises from yesterday’s post to add to your daily use of Sei Hei Ki. The exercises might look familiar, that’s because why change something that works?

How do you use Sei Hei Ki in your daily life?

P.S. Did you know that my Reiki Meditation Bundle has a guided meditation to work with Sei Hei Ki in it? The bundle is only $25 USD. Check it out here. The Sei Hei Ki meditation is designed to help you clear your mind of chatter so you can deepen your Reiki practice.

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