How I Use Dai Ko Myo with Clients

How I Use Dai Ko Myo with Clients

After Cho Ku Rei, Dai Ko Myo would be my favorite of the Reiki symbols. It’s also the only other symbol I use regularly with clients. You may remember that I have a few techniques for using Cho Ku Rei with clients. Well, I also have a few techniques I use specifically with Dai Ko Myo.

Again, I don’t start off with using a symbol. I always assess the situation first then decide if using a symbol would be useful. Dai Ko Myo’s specialty during a session is to bring in higher vibrating healing energy. I guess you could say that if Reiki is universal life force energy, then Dai Ko Myo is divine/source energy.

How I Use Dai Ko Myo with Clients

How I Use Dai Ko Myo with Clients

Energy Clearing

I use this if a client comes in and their energy is completely, we’ll say messed up. They are angry, upset, something bothered them really close to the session time, annoyed, etc…not enough of something to turn them away (like if they were drunk or on drugs), but enough to notice something is really off. This clears the energy and helps the client let go of what’s bothering them.

When the client is comfortable I sit at the head of the table and place a hand on both sides of their head. I visualize Dai Ko Myo at their crown chakra, normally as a bright white light. Slowly the symbol gets bigger and bigger until it is bigger than the client is. Then I see the symbol move down the body.

I ask that Dai Ko Myo picks up anything that’s not for the greatest good of the client. It removes anything that they are willing to release. That it fills any holes with healing energy. Lastly, it also clears and smooths out the client’s energy. When the symbol reaches the feet it drops down and goes into the floor to ground the energy and neutralize it. Then I go on with the rest of the session.

You can visibly see a difference in the client. They look calmer and breathe easier. You can use this technique with Cho Ku Rei, but I find it works better with Dai Ko Myo. Experiment!

Healing Attunements

Sometimes a client can benefit from a healing attunement. This is different than a Reiki initiation attunement. A healing attunement gives the client the benefit of an attunement, but does not give them the ability to share Reiki like if they had an initiation attunement. It amplifies the client’s ability to heal themselves and increase the energy available for healing. Healing attunements can be received by anyone for any reason. Just like with initiation attunements there are several different techniques you can use for healing attunements. This is what I do, an adaptation from Magick of Reiki by Christopher Penczak.

Personally, I don’t have the client sit up and place hands in gassho. You can if you want to. I just do healing attunements while they are laying on the massage table.

  • Sitting at the head of the table, I start in gassho and set the intention to pass a healing attunement for the highest and greatest good of the client.
  • I place my hands at the crown chakra and Reiki for a little bit. When it feels right, I visualize the crown chakra opening up along with the rest of the aura.
  • Draw Dai Ko Myo over the crown saying Dai Ko Myo three times (I do this in my head not out loud) and visualize it moving from the crown chakra down into the heart chakra. Then draw Cho Ku Rei at the crown and visualize it moving into the heart. Do the same with Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Then Dai Ko Myo once more.
  • Visualize the energy moving from the heart out to the rest of the body.
  • When ready visualize that the aura is closed and say: you are completely healed. (I normally do not say this out loud). If you want you can get up and physically smooth the aura with the intention of closing it.
  • When complete say: we are both blessed by the gifts of Reiki. (Again, normally not out loud)
  • Go on with the rest of the session (if done at the beginning or anytime during the session). If doing at the end of the session you can now have your client sit up.

Tips for healing attunements

  • Don’t over complicate things. Create a process that works for you, it’s all about intention.
  • Ask permission before doing the healing attunement.
  • Share that the attunement might make the client feel more emotional for a little while or that they might feel like a lot of purging is going on and to drink lots of water.
  • Don’t get caught up in the result, let it go. Whatever happens is what needed to happen.

I don’t use a lot of different techniques when I use Dai Ko Myo with clients. I like to keep my sessions simple, mostly Reiki leads. If I get the feeling to use any of the symbols techniques then I use them.

Do you use Dai Ko Myo with clients? I’d love to hear how! Share with us in the comments!

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