Two Ultimate Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Two Ultimate Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time again…everyone’s spazzing about Mercury Retrograde which always makes me giggle. Sure I love the planets and stars a much as the next person and reading my horoscope is fun. But I don’t let any of that run my life. Certainly not the notorious Mercury Retrograde. So why am I writing a post about it? You’ll see ūüėČ

In short Mercury Retrograde is most noted for causing relationship, communication, and technology problems.

My Two Ultimate Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Don’t think about it.¬†Like attracts like, thoughts become things, all that jazz you know… So if ¬†you quit thinking “Damn it’s Mercury Retrograde and my boss is going to be in a pissy mood” then you’ll probably have a better day at work don’tcha think? Don’t think about how your computer has been on the fritz for three weeks and that of course it’s going to die now that it’s Mercury Retrograde and you just can’t afford to fix it. Hell, don’t think about it being Mercury Retrograde period. Sometimes you’re just having a bad day.
  2. Don’t blame it. This is the ultimate tip. Don’t blame your problems on Mercury Retrograde. ¬†Sometimes a fight is just a fight that’s been building up for weeks, not because of how the planets align. Sometimes your communication sucks because well…it does. We live in a technology age where we are more keen on texting than chatting and sometimes it’s hard to read a tone of the written word. Sometimes a computer or phone or car is damn old and ready to be replaced.

Simple. Don’t think about it, don’t blame it.¬†Perfect tips for the person that is always worried about Mercury Retrograde. ¬†This time around give them a try and see how it goes.

Also remember if you do get caught up in the Mercury Retrograde panic, Reiki is here to help! Reiki the  problem, Reiki yourself.

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