Travel with Reiki

Travel with Reiki

Around this time of year many people travel. Across state, country, oceans. Going home for the holidays then going back to where you live with gifts in tow can be crazy stressful. Lots of work! But totally worth it. What do you do when you’re trying to hop on a plane, catch a train, travel by car and don’t feel like you can take time out for yourself?

Travel with reiki of course!

  • Blast the destination with reiki before you leave the house.
  • Send reiki to your route.
  • Send reiki to all drivers, pilots, conductors, etc.
  • Reiki your family for safe and happy travels.
  • Reiki family for a pleasant time when everyone is gathered together.
  • Reiki the hotel room (or bedroom) you’ll be staying in.
  • Reiki your travel documents if you need them (like passports).
  • Reiki your suitcases so they don’t get lost.
  • Reiki your plans while visiting.
  • Ask reiki to surround you in love and that anyone that comes in contact with you receives reiki & love as well. 
  • BREATHE. Yes, take a couple of deep breaths, you got this.
  • Center & ground yourself. 
  • Have a good attitude about the whole trip.
  • Be thankful that you can make the trip.
  • Try not to add stress to anyone else by snapping at others.
  • Take nothing personally. Especially what aunt whatchamacallit that you see once a year says about your weight or your hairdo or clothes.

If you’re family is attuned to reiki have everyone send reiki for the highest and greatest good of all. These suggestions don’t just work for family holidays, you can use it anytime you travel.

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