The Marshmallow Goodness of Reiki. What does cereal have to do with anything?

The Marshmallow Goodness of Reiki. What does cereal have to do with anything?

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that I love relating things to Reiki…from Care Bears to Star Wars to pizza rolls, it all works. Recently the silly Lucky Charms cereal theme song popped into my head. You know the one: “hearts, stars, and horse shoes, clovers and blue moons. Pots of gold and rainbows, and a red ballon!” Instantly my mind goes into “holy crap that’s just like Reiki” mode. Yes, that’s a mode my head goes into…So if the video doesn’t play (because of course I want that song to get stuck in your head too 😉 ) the direct link is here.

Reiki is boring.

As much as I adore and love Reiki, it’s just not glamorously interesting, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s like a bowl of marshmallowless Lucky Charms. Sure people eat that stuff up and love it, they just don’t realize that it’s pretty snoresville.

The 5 principles that make up Reiki, aren’t exactly exciting. Neither is the history, while riddled with much misinformation and is somewhat interesting, not something I’d say is a page turner. The energy work can be stimulating, but it depends on your approach. And it’s almost always the energy work that sucks people in (I know it did me).

A lot of people even FORGET about Reiki after they’ve taken the classes. Why? They don’t take the time to do it, and doing it is boring. They are afraid they aren’t doing it right…even though it is pretty impossible to do Reiki incorrectly. They don’t “have time“, but only because they aren’t trying.

This is where you come in and add the marshmallows to Reiki.

You sprinkle your essence and love (we’ll say the heart and star marshmallows ;)) into your Reiki. Be mindful of your practice. How often do you Reiki yourself? Is it enough? Have you tried new techniques? Have you developed your own techniques? Have you created your own special blend of awesomesauce? That’s where the interestingness and Reiki loyalty comes in. Having fun with it. But you have to play with it, as in PRACTICE. If you don’t practice, you can’t have fun. Sadness right? And there’s no excuse not to practice! Right now. Yes, NOW, if you aren’t Reiki-ing yourself, you could be. Sitting on the crapper? You could be Reiki-ing too 😉 Every second is an opportunity to Reiki, no only yourself, but others as well. Every bit of practice adds another marshmallow to your bowl of Reiki.   

You  might desire to add some more excitement, after diligently practicing for a bit 😉 You could add some extra new flavors! Maybe some tapping, crystals, and coaching? Wa-la you’ve added even more delicious sweet yumminess to your Reiki. However you don’t want too much sweetness. Sure Just Marshmallows Lucky Charms seems like a good idea, but if you eat the whole box in one setting you’re gonna get a tummy ache. Not fun my friend, not fun at all. What I mean here is don’t get ahead of yourself too quickly. Reiki is like a gateway drug to energy work. Add things slowly to your Reiki routine, if you decide to add anything at all. Reiki is perfect the way it is, but because of it’s…boring nature, we sometimes strive to make things more interesting too fast, sometimes we wanna added boost, sometimes we just want to play with other toys. It’s all good.

The extra bits that make Reiki unique to you and your clients is how you’re going to get past the boring. You’re special blend of different marshmallows breathes life into Reiki for you. It could simply be your approach to teaching if you’re a teacher. It could be your way with clients that makes them feel oh so wonderful in your presence. It could be the way you explain Reiki. It could be your personality. Or it could be your unique blend of added energy healing modalities and the way you use them.

What makes Reiki unique for you? What marshmallowy goodness drew you in? And what do you offer different from others?

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