The Little Luck Curio Chakra Guide [Guest Post: Sabrina Savoy]

The Little Luck Curio Chakra Guide [Guest Post: Sabrina Savoy]

Today we have a guest post by Sabrina Savoy. She’s a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Wellness Coach and you can find her online shop at The Little Luck Curio. She has written a lovely introduction chakra guide. I know I talk a lot about the chakras, but I haven’t written an introduction post on them myself. I’m so glad Sabrina approached me with this article!

In this brief article on Chakras you will be introduced to the 7 main energy centers of the body and their primary functions.


Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ used to reference specific energy centers along the body’s meridian. Chakras are energy points along the central meridian of the body (the spine) that Spin round and round when they are open and functioning optimally. The Chakras carry forth our Life Force Energy.

Chakras can be balanced, and unbalanced if it has too much energy or not enough energy flowing through it. There are many Chakra centers in the body but we will focus on the main 7.

Below is a list of the 7 main Energy Centers of the Body (also known as Charkas) These run up and down our spine #1 being at the Base with the rest moving up towards the top of our heads.

Chakra #1, ROOT also known as The Kundalini Chakra or Base ~ Sanskrit name: Muladhara. Associated Colour: Red
~ The Root Chakra corresponds to the EARTH “to be Grounded” One with the Earth, Survival, and Self Preservation.
~ This Chakra is the foundation of the physical body. It will stimulate our vital forces and help us stay focused and grounded. The Root chakra influences the immune system, energy levels, impulses, instincts, and endurance. 
~ When Balanced we will feel happy, free, healthy, and alive. When balance is off we may experience: greed, fear, sad, aggression, selfish, and anxious.

Chakra #2, Spleen or Sacral Plexus ~ Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana Associated Colour: Orange
~ The Sacral Chakra corresponds to WATER, fluidity. 
~ This Chakra is the basis of our Emotions and ability to let go, feel sensations and atmospheres. The 2nd Chakra influences our physical force, Creativity, and sexuality and sensuality.
~ On a physical level the Sacral Chakra will influence our sexual and reproductive organs, spleen, kidneys,lower abdomen and intestines.
~ When Balanced you will feel creative, intuitive, level headed, and at ease. When off balance from either too much energy or not enough you may experience bladder infections, constipation, too low or high sexual drive, depressed, self-centred, jealous, and overly emotional.

Chakra #3, Solar Plexus ~ Sanskrit name: Manipura Associated Colour: Yellow 
~ The Sacral Chakra corresponds to FIRE, Vitality and Will Power.
~ This Chakra is the foundation of the Metal Body which enables us to “pick up vibes” from people, places, & things. The Sacral is the center for our personal power, self-control, acceptance, and confidence.
~ Physically the 3rd chakra will influence our muscles, stomach, digestion/metabolism, the nervous system, pancreas, gallbladder, and liver.
~ When balanced you will fell safe, secure, successful and set after your accomplishments. When out of alignment you may experience: low self-esteem and self-worth, digestion problems, ulcers, and frustration.

Chakra #4, Heart ~ Sanskrit name: Anahata Associated Colour: Green or Pink
~ Corresponds to the AIR element, connection and balance.
~The Heart Chakra is the foundation of the astral body, which is the connection between the physical and spiritual bodies. 
~ This energy center will affect our love, forgiveness, trust, balance, empathy, and peace
~ Physically this Chakra affects the lungs, circulation, immune and endocrine systems and thymus.
~ When balanced you may feel peace, unconditional love, compassion, and helpful. When off balance you may experience shyness, loneliness, codependency, heart and lung problems.

Chakra #5, Throat ~ Sanskrit name: Vishuddha Colour: Blue
~ Corresponds to SOUND, communication and self-expression.
~ The Throat Chakra allows us to have self-belief, good judgment, clairaudience, and truthfulness.
~ Physically the 5th center will affect our throat, mouth, teeth, thyroid, as well as the immune system.
~ When balanced truthful communication is able to flow effortlessly and freely. When off balance you may feel very tired, chronic colds and ear aches, issues with the thyroid, inability to listen or speech problems.

Chakra #6, Third Eye or Brow ~ Sanskrit name: Ajna Colour: Indigo
~ Corresponds to LIGHT, Intuition and Understanding – the mind
~ The 3rd Eye Centre focuses on Clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Insight and awareness.
~ Physically this chakra influences the eyes, nose, brain, pituitary gland, and central nervous system.
~ When balanced we appreciated our gifts and are able to make the connections to Spirit, we also feel in control of our life and have the courage to follow your dreams. When out of alignment we may experience headaches, vision and sinus problems, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, and over analyzing.

Chakra #7, Crown ~ Sanskrit name: Sahasara Colour: Violet 
~ Corresponds to THOUGHT, Enlightenment, Spiritual Consciousness, and Sacred Spirits.
~ The Crown is the foundation of our Spiritual Body and links us to highest guidance.
~ This chakra will influence all spiritual matters, idealism, connection to the Universe, and celestial wisdom.
~ Physically the Crown center will effect the brain, central nervous system, and pineal gland
~ When balanced we trust in our highest guidance, release from the ego mind, and experience Divine knowledge and connections. When the Crown is off balance it may cause immune disorders, worry, anxiety, ego influenced, overly intellectual, confusion, and cognitive issues.

Thank you for reading, now you have a good idea of how these chakras relate and correspond to our well-being.


The Little Luck Curio Chakra Guide, written by Sabrina Savoy, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Wellness Coach. 

sabrinaSabrina Savoy has been practicing meditation since 2002 and begun her education in Usui Reiki in 2008. In 2010 she received her Usui Reiki Master certificate by a local wellness coach and intuitive healer. Since then her desire to bring these teachings to her community has only expanded. Helping people tune in and build self-love is what she has proven to accomplish with previous clients and students. Mrs. Savoy is ecstatic to be part of this light workers movement. She is here to be a benevolent force for mankind. Currently she is offering service in Bolton, ON and online at her metaphysical shop called The Little Luck Curio,

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