The Joy of Anger

The Joy of Anger

What a funny title? The Joy of Anger! I can see some side-eye going on. Like, uhm Sierra, you aren’t supposed to enjoy your angers. You’re supposed to let them go.

The Joy of Anger

It just so happens that our theme inside Ignite Your Reiki Passion for February is I will not be angry. Each month we’re taking each part of the Reiki Principles and really going deep inside them. This month, anger, is really close to me. I use to be a very angry person with an easy to lose temper. Then, Reiki got ahold of me!

Let me set this straight. I do not enjoy anger. Not in the least. It gets frustrating and annoying.

The Joy of Anger

I don’t think anyone really enjoys anger. But yet, we all find anger in ourselves at some point or other. Someone makes fun of us or the peeps we love, hurts our feelings, frustrates us, annoys us. Or perhaps it’s not a person, it’s a pet, an inanimate object, snow, a website, any number of things. Then the flare of anger lashes on and soon we are fuming. FUMING. And that’s where I could have been with my tech problems yesterday.

Yesterday, the website for Ignite Your Reiki Passion decided to not let me log in, right after I sent an email to thousands to check it out. Then when it did let me log in it wouldn’t let me do annnnnyyyythhhinnngggg. Hilarious right? Since the theme for the month is I will not be angry, the irony was not lost on me.

I started to get really annoyed. What the heck did I do to deserve this?! I hadn’t done anything in the backend for the website to bork-out so I tried all the tricks. NONE of them worked. I didn’t cry, not this time. Other times, though, this would have caused a massive breakdown.

I took a deep breath. Laid hands on myself and let Reiki take care of my growing anger. I felt myself calm quickly. Then I was ready to make the call to tech support. I find out it really wasn’t something I had done! And so tech support got to fixing it right away. Less than an hour of work. That includes phone time and them doing their thing time. I knew getting angry wasn’t going to help anything, but yet it snuck it’s way in.

Cool the flames of anger with Reiki.

Reiki is so freaking awesome. It can easily help you go from “I’m so angry my eyeballs are gonna pop out” to “I am calm, cool, and collected”. Here are some tips for those that need a little extra help:

  • Stop whatever you are doing that’s causing anger. (stop arguing, stop talking, stop working, just stop…safely.)
  • Take a deep breath. Or three, or five.
  • Place hands in gassho.
  • Intend to clear yourself of anger, frustrating, annoyance, whatevs…Ask to bring in calming Reiki energy for your highest and greatest good.
  • Place hands where you feel they need to go right now. Perhaps your head, heart, or stomach? If you can’t decide, where do you feel the anger most?
  • Remember to take deep breaths.
  • Rethink about the situation. Is it something you really need to get angry about? Is it something you really have control over?

Here’s the thing. Don’t think that you aren’t allowed to be angry. No, of course, you are allowed to get angry. Reiki asks you to reflect on that anger and let it go. Reiki asks you to not dwell on the anger. It asks you to heal what’s causing you anger. It asks you to stop and breathe.

Has Reiki helped you with an anger problem?

If you need extra help with your anger perhaps playing inside Ignite Your Reiki Passion would be beneficial for you! Join us today! This month’s meditation is called Anger Release.