The Gift of a New Technique

The Gift of a New Technique

I have the amazing opportunity to do sessions at a wonderful shop here in Indiana, The Bead Angel. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the place (and people). A few weeks ago I was doing a session on a friend, a Reiki sister. During the session, I was gifted by Reiki, our guides, what-have-you, a new Reiki technique to use during sessions.

At first I was a little hesitant to accept the gift. I thought I was making something up (you might understand my hesitation after you read how to do the technique). But the more I thought about it the more I realized I was being given a technique to work with and expand upon. After a bit of mental discussion, I let go of my doubts and just did what was coming to me. I’m happy I did. Not only was this a lesson in letting go and getting out of the way of Reiki, but it was validation that Reiki really does teach you.

I’ve used the technique on several people now since it’s been given to me and it is perfect for helping release tension and/or pain.

The Technique:

  • Lay the BACK of your hand on the spot of tension or pain.
  • Intend that all the tension or pain balls up into the palm of your hand. It’s like imagining the tension/pain becomes a chi ball in your hand no longer bothering the client.
  • From the chi ball state, intend that the tension/pain becomes¬†healing love and light.
  • Wait until you’ve felt the energies change.
  • Blow the energies back onto the client in love and light.
  • Repeat as necessary/desired.

My hesitation was in using the back of my hand, then blowing the energies back onto the client. When I gave in and just did what was asked, the change in the client was instant. I have never thought to use the back of my hand during a session. It makes sense though, there are energy centers there as well, might as well use them too! Have you been given the gift of a new to you technique during a Reiki session? What lessons did it teach you (or reteach you)?

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