The Absolute Best Way to Choose Your Crystals

The Absolute Best Way to Choose Your Crystals

I haven’t written about crystals in awhile ::sadface::.  Today’s post is all about the absolute best way to choose your crystals. It will work practically everytime if you allow it too. So many people tell you to just grab a book and look up what you are wanting then buy it. Some people ask others what they should use for whatever problem they are working with. There are a few problems with these approaches.

You are 100% capable of choosing crystals that are perfect for you. Every time. Easily.

How is this possible? You are the only one that knows what you need whether you know it or not. You know your ultimate goals. When you ask someone else to come up with your crystals (note that I’m using crystals to describe a number of things: crystals, stones, minerals, specimens etc…) you are giving away your power. You are not acknowledging that you can choose what is best for you.

What is the absolute best way to choose your crystals?

Whether you are shopping online or in a shop go with an open mind.

Decide what problem you want crystals to help you with.

Look at allllllll the crystals. Don’t worry about what they are or what they help with, don’t think about what you know of the crystal properties already.

Just look at them.

Touch them.

Smell them.

Listen to them.

Which ones are you drawn too? Take note.

Which ones, choose a couple, can you not stop thinking about? Can’t let go of? Can’t stop staring at?

Those are the ones that are yours now. Those are what are going to help with whatever problem you initially wanted help with.

Now, my dear, you can look up what the crystal is for, but only after you have discovered which ones you are drawn to. You’ll be surprised how right you are in what you have chosen.

Bonus tip!

DON’T look up the crystal properties and just work with it. See how it helps. Make it a part of your life. Meditate with it, Reiki with it, use it in a layout, wear it, carry it, pack it, snuggle with it, sleep with it. Take notes and watch how the problem you started with changes and/or goes away.

Then, work on something else, grab a different crystal and start allll over again.

Have you tried this crystal choosing approach? Or do you have a better wayUsing Reiki with Crystals Ebook?

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