Summer of Reiki

Summer of Reiki

It’s heating up in my part of the world (US) and that means swimming, sun, and AC…it also brings in a ton more fun things to do with Reiki! Let’s make this the Summer of Reiki! Here are just a few ideas to get you started, if you have more, share them in the comments!

Got a pool?

  • When cleaning the pool out with the skimmer, vacuum, and net draw the Reiki symbols, use CKR for the most part.
  • Invite Reiki into the pool water, draw CKR on the hose, or send Reiki as the pool fills up.
  • Ready to dive in? Walk the symbols before settling in for that water fight. It’s a great mediation and helps bring Reiki to the space.

Animal Lover?

Animals get stuck outside in the heat and sometimes peeps leave them in their hot hot hot cars. 1 thing you can do for them is send them Reiki. You can Reiki their food & water. Reiki their area. Reiki them. Of course do it all safely, if the animal seems dangerous DO NOT get close, send at a distance.

AC down?

Reiki that shit! Okay okay, so maybe the air conditioner is dead dead…break out a fan and Reiki it. Or make a paper fan, draw the symbols on it, and fan yourself. Reiki ice cubes, ice cream, sorbet, slushies, shaved ice. Keep yourself cool!

Playing in the sun?

  • Reiki your sunscreen for extra protection
  • Reiki your clothing & swim suit
  • Reiki your head gear (floppy straw hats, baseball caps, etc.)
  • Reiki your shoes

Need to ground?

  • Lay on the ground!

How do you plan to Reiki this summer?

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