Strengthen Intuition with Dai Ko Myo

Strengthen Intuition with Dai Ko Myo

Strengthening intuition is something that many of us strive to do. Our inner knowing and gut instincts, it’s worth it to get better at feeling these and trusting what comes. But how do we go about it? One answer is going within, aka meditation and our Reiki practice. I know, I know, broken record. But it’s true. By quieting ourselves and going within we get better at being able to hear what’s being shared with us.

What does intuition even have to do with Reiki? It will help during Reiki, especially when you practice byosen scanning. Trusting your intuition helps you kinda bypass what may not need to be worked on for the moment so you can get to the meat and potatoes of the session. Other than using the Dai Ko Myo third eye visualization,  I suggest adding these two to your intuition strengthening arsenal:

Strengthen Intuition with Dai Ko Myo

Strengthen Intuition with Dai Ko Myo

Start with mindfully drawing Dai Ko Myo on both hands, forehead (at the third eye), and heart. It doesn’t really matter what order you go in, just get all four of those parts 😉 Perhaps your stomach if you wish. We do both hands because that’s what we use when we Reiki. We do our third eye because of the chakras it is the one connected to intuition. And we do the heart so that we always remember to be heart centered. If you wish to include your stomach, it’s for our gut instincts.

Now that you’ve drawn Dai Ko Myo on all of these places visualize them all linking up together energetically.

Place your hands in gassho. Set your intention. Something like:

  • I intend to strengthen my intuition.
  • My intuition is stronger and stronger.
  • I trust my intuition, instincts, and gut reactions for _________ (whatever the situation is).

Take a couple of deep breaths and visualize Dai Ko Myo in front of you, it is a mirror reflecting back to you. Think of a situation that you need guidance on. Notice what solutions you are getting. You may see in the Dai Ko Myo mirror, you may just know what needs to be done, you may get insight afterward. Don’t get discouraged if nothing seems to happen. Notice if you feel something in your stomach.

Don’t really have a situation you want guidance on and just want to strengthen your intuition? Sit in meditation concentrating on your breath. Breathe in Dai Ko Myo, much like when we talked about breathing Sei Hei Ki. Practice self-Reiki. Notice what parts of you need more attention than others.

Alternative Activity to Strengthen Intuition with Dai Ko Myo

So maybs you’re not wanting to sit there and visualize and meditate or self-Reiki. Totes fine by me, I have another activity you can try to strengthen intuition with Dai Ko Myo.

I’m gonna suggest starting with the steps above through gassho and setting the intention. Then instead of meditating and listening for answers, journal. Journaling for a solution to a situation is really tapping into the parts of your mind you didn’t think you had access too.

After doing the above you can start by drawing Dai Ko Myo on the page you intend to write on, ask your question, then start writing. I suggest setting a timer for 5-7 minutes and just writing until the time is over. Read over what you have and see what solutions you came up with.

Do you have experience with strengthening intuition with Dai Ko Myo? Share with us in the comments!

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