Storm Power! Intensifying Your Reiki

Storm Power! Intensifying Your Reiki

Recently a storm ran through my city. Luckily no damage in my sector of the world, however it was crazy looking. I live in the midwest US (southern Indiana) and it looked like a hurricane blew in! After my initial HOLY CRAP IT’S LIKE A HURRICANE (of course to the tune of Miley Cryus’s Wreaking Ball), I thought it’d be kinda fun to play with the energies surrounding us to give my self Reiki a different flavor. 

I went downstairs, sat on the couch, and started running Reiki. The cracks of thunder, flashes of lighting gave the experience an interesting feel. I just let it flow for a bit.

Then, I started to pull in the energies of the storm. I pulled it right into the top of my head and sent it through my body and holy crap Batman was that intense!

I decided then to take each element of the storm one by one, to feel the different energies flow through my body. I started with lightening. For me lightening energy came in softly electrifying, but not intense or painful…I was kind of afraid it would be. It was rather pleasant, tingly.

Next was pulling in the energies of thunder, my ears rang for awhile after that. It was like my head was inside a room of nothing but loud speakers. This energy was fast, pounding, uncomfortable, and I quickly moved on. While lightening tingled, thunder throbbed and it just didn’t sit very well with me.

By this time the wind and rain had died down and I chose to work with wind next. The energy was very humid and I didn’t stay with it for long. While wind was blowing outside it still felt very stagnant not wanting to flow anywhere when I pulled it in.

Finally, I brought in the rain energies. It was gentle steady energy. Refreshing, cool and felt like it cleared everything out. Taken away from the crazy storm rain from before it was very nice to experience.

This was a fun little experiment and if you haven’t tried pulling energies from something other than Reiki you should give it a try to feel the difference. Storms, the Earth, water, anything works, and everything has it’s own energies. Remember though, don’t do it if it feel icky or scares you. Shield and protect yourself always.

Do you have experience pulling energy from storm or anything interesting? Share with us in the comments! Storm Power yeah!

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