Ask Reiki Playground: When Can I Start Charging For A Reiki Session?

Ask Reiki Playground: When Can I Start Charging For A Reiki Session?

Today we have a question that I have seen a lot lately.

“I took Reiki 1 a couple of weeks ago and I want to start seeing clients and charging for the sessions. When can I start charging for a Reiki session?”–Amelia L. USA

Good question Amelia, and you probably won’t like my answer.

Have you done daily self-Reiki since class and getting attuned?

If the answer is NO, then slow your roll because you are so not ready to take on clients. Reiki 1 is to start working on YOU. Anything short of daily Reiki if you are wanting to take on clients (eventually) is a no no (you gotta walk the talk and do the self-Reiki first). If you have problems doing daily self-Reiki, how the crap are you going to help your clients?

If the answer is YES, good job, you are off to a good start. But, are you really ready? Do you have the ability to handle it when a client starts randomly crying? Or laughing? Or just needs someone to talk to? Did your class go over not being a therapist?…because unless you are licensed you could get into deep doo-doo if you try to psychoanalyze someone’s “stuff”. Do you have the necessary equipment, space, insurance, forms, etc? There is a lot to think about!

What was your goal(s) when you took Reiki?

Was your goal to heal yourself and get yourself on the healing path, or to work on others first and foremost? Did you hear that you could do this easy healing thing and charge for it and rake in the money and that’s why you decided to take Reiki? Or were you in need of Reiki and it found you when you needed it most for your healing? Because let me tell you, desperation is a horrible thing. If you just got into Reiki to work on others so you can get paid for it, please take a reality check. People can see straight through that. People don’t like that. People want their healers to understand them and not to come from a place of desperation.

Have you practiced on anyone other than a pet and yourself since being attuned?

I’m talking about friends and family for free for the practice. Letting you practice on them before taking paying clients builds up your confidence and gives you more PRACTICE. It also allows you to practice explaining Reiki and what happens during a session, learn to set up the space that works for you, and get comfortable doing Reiki on others. You’ll also discover your personal style of doing Reiki and how you like to move in a session.

Yes, you are fully able to take clients and start charging for it after Reiki 1. That is all you need. But you need the experience of practice FIRST. And Reiki is the BEST Teacher.

There are many that will argue that you can just start taking clients and charging whenever you feel you are ready even if that is a couple days after your first attunement. Are you really ready after only a couple of weeks of Reiki? I am not saying you have to be healed of all your “stuff” before you help others, if that was the case then there would be virtually no healers. I am saying to take your time and learn Reiki. Class and attunements give you the building blocks. Reiki, time, and practice are the real teachers. Find your rhythm then think about taking on clients. Document your Reiki wins, journal about it if you need to. Build up a stockpile of Reiki experiences to draw from when the need arises.

What is your advice for Amelia?

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