How to Add Sparkle to Your Reiki [Guest Post: Grace Quantock]

How to Add Sparkle to Your Reiki [Guest Post: Grace Quantock]

Today we have a special guest post by Grace Quantock. She is the founder of The Sparkle Reiki Darlings Society and is here to sprinkle some sparkle at Reiki Playground!

Spirituality is often thought of as being a very serious business. It’s the focus on the sacredness, the meditative aspect, the devoted and devout practicing, and learning. One does it properly, or it has no effect.

The opposite of this is the ‘woo-woo’ reputation that we’ve all come across. It’s being ‘tarred with the new-age brush.’ It’s the initial lack of double blind placebo studies published in peer-reviewed journals. It’s that if we can’t ‘see’ it, maybe there’s nothing there at all mentality.

These two poles are what we can, as Reiki Practitioners, ricochet between. We can love angel cards and intentions, but also feel that we need to be ‘proper,’ and good enough. To be serious and not damage Reiki’s reputation, as though being extra serious proves its validity. As non-accredited, we need to be twice as serious as those in accredited professions to prove our worth.

If you contrast this with, for example, the Buddhist approach to positivity of humility and laughter in one’s practice, it’s an interesting focus.

I believe we can carve our own path through the politics of energy, and we can make it one of joy. Reiki is, to me, a pure flow of the light and vibrant energetics of joy.

Joy more than worthiness is pure, in my experience. The divinity I recognise feels my prayers in smiling moments. The Universe, God/dess, whatever you recognize, it’s only hands our hands. It’s only lips, our lips. So when we dance, sunbathe, wear glitter, kiss and weave magic and light between our fingers the divine spark that lives within us does it too. Joy and purity can live and grow through and by us.

We are not waiting for glory and reward in the next life so it is up to us to create it here, in the middle of the struggles, death, doubts, taxes and washing up.

Reiki is pure energy and sacredness is silly. Think of Rumi, and his sensuously sacred poems,
keep in mind the tradition of the holy fool.

How can we maintain our ethics and deep connection in our Reiki practice and still welcome in the fun, shining and delight in one’s daily practice?

Firstly, I believe, we must add intentions to our Reiki. Imbuing it with our selves, we are bringing it so close it becomes a daily part of our lives.

Experiment, what happens if do Reiki when in class, to your books, your future? I’ve got a list of 20 suggested ways to use Reiki. Try it and see what’s fun and sparkling for you.

1. Healing Your Home  Reiki can be used to clear negative energy in your home and add positivity and sparkle to your life and your space.

2. Divine Dining  Reiki can be the secret ingredient in the special dinner. You want to wow your family or hold the best party ever? Reiki is exactly what you need.

3. Revolutionary Relationships  Reiki can be used to bring ease and healing to strained relationships.

4. Fabulous Friendships – Want to give back and nourish a relationship which has been supporting you a lot recently? Ask if you can send some Reiki to it.

5. Sweet Sleep – Do you want blissful, dreamy and reviving sleep? Send Reiki to make just that happen.

6. Going to the Gym – Want an extra element to your workout? Reiki can help you move better and make the whole process easier and something you look forward to.

7. Laptop Looking Low? Send Reiki to your equipment, if you want faster loading webpages and files that don’t get lost, get the energy flowing.

8. Wondrous Website – I know you want a website that draws customers in and keeps them. You know what makes your work magnetic and keeps drawing people to it? It’s your talent of course, but if you want to add a little magic to keep things magnetic and attractive, Reiki to the rescue.

9. Perfect Parking – Want a week of good parking mojo, always finding spaces just when you need them and arriving right on time? You’ve got it. Send Reiki ahead to make it so!

10. Sensational at School – If studying is weighing you down send Reiki to your study sessions and to help your confidence soar.

11. Healing the Healer – Healers need help. We need help as humans and we need help even more when we heal. Give back to yourself with Reiki.

12. Reiki the Future – We can send Reiki to future events to help ease the path towards them. That business launch, book deal and even wedding plans – yep, all of those.

13. Reiki the Past Reiki can be sent to past events to help heal the current wounds they caused and bring healing to all involved.

14. Generous Gift – Ask and send Reiki to a friend or loved one who is going through a difficult time and needs some sparkle and comfort.

15. Pick Me Up – Feeling blue? Use Reiki today.

16. Panic Stations? Reiki will bring calm and grounding to the situation and put you in a position to take the action you need to bring resolution.

17. Favorite Friday – Fridays can drag, we all know this, but it can also be your favorite day with a shot of sparkling Reiki. From waking feeling well, to a smooth day of synchronicity and good luck, your Friday will put you right where you want to be.

18. Hot Date? Add Reiki to any outfit to turn it extraordinary.

19. Stiletto Woes – Love your special-event shoes but hate the pain? You can Reiki your shoes and your event to make them feel as good as you always dreamed.

20. Fix the Fear – Something you are scared of? Asking for the job, making the speech, breaking up with someone, flying? Reiki can help ease the passage.

Try it and see, if you want more sparkling Reiki tips, sign up for a Sparkle Reiki freebie with me today!

About the Author:

Grace Quantock is a wellness provocateur, writer and founder of Healing Boxes CIC and The Sparkle Reiki Darlings Society. She lives a life filled with glitter and gardening in South Wales. Join the Trail Blazing Wellness Movement by signing up to the newsletter at and follow Grace on Twitter: @grace_quantock.
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