Go Clean Your Room! Space Clearing Essentials

Go Clean Your Room! Space Clearing Essentials

Sometimes our living spaces and areas get a bit icky….You can feel arguments that happened DAYS ago, something feels off, the air feels stale, and countless other reasons a room might feel like blah. Reiki has you covered on all fronts in space clearing. 

Step 1: you should physically clean the room, space, car, area…you get the point. I know, I know, it sucks balls, but trust me, it helps. Get everything all sparkly and shiny!

Step 2: Time to play. There are many ways to energetically clean using Reiki. These are just a few. Share with us in the comments what your favorite ways are.

A favorite space cleaning ritual:

  • Play a cd of Om chanting, most of the time I pop Youtube onto the tv and play a video of Om 😉 (optional step)
  • Stand in the middle of a room and draw CKR on the floor. It doesn’t really need to be the middle of the room, but I think it helps with the visualization.
  • Imagine that CKR moves up through the walls, through the floors, through the ceilings, up and out into space.
  • As I imagine CKR moving up I intend that the rooms are cleaned and cleared of all energies that are not needed.
  • And that’s that. I let the video, or cd run all the way through (most of the time 30 minutes).

Alternately you can imagine there’s a giant CKR on the roof and it goes through the house to be grounded and neutralized into the Earth. I don’t use incense, or smudges. I simply use Reiki (and music sometimes). Visualization is huge with this and many other techniques in Reiki.

Other ways to clear a space energetically with Reiki

  • Imagine Reiki flowing from your hands and coating the walls, floors, and ceilings of a room with the intention that it cleans and clears the energies of the room.
  • Draw CKR on all walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Imagine a giant bubble of Reiki encompassing the room/house/car/space.
  • Charge crystals with Reiki and place them around the space.
  • Charge salt with Reiki and set small dishes of the charged salt around. Or skip the Reiki and just set salt around.
  • In a spray bottle:
      • Add water
      • Add some crystals (make sure they are okay in water…I’d say stick with quartz)
      • Add a dash of salt to help purify the air (optional, spray lightly so the salt doesn’t ruin anything)
      • Set the mix outside for a couple hours/day
      • Charge with Reiki
      • Spray the area 😀 Alternately you could just charge the water with Reiki and start spraying.

How do you clear your space?

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