Sometimes a Cold is Just a Cold

Sometimes a Cold is Just a Cold

In almost every session I get a question that goes something like this: “my elbow hurts what do you think that means?” or “my right pinky finger has been stiff, I just know it’s connected to my need to let go of my childhood” or “my left knee hurts and I’ve heard it means that I’m not moving forward so I did some journaling and nothing happens”.  I know I’m not the only one that gets these questions, it’s unavoidable in the energy healing field. Everyone wants to know why they hurt.

Sometimes a cold is just a cold, a splinter is just a splinter, knee pain is just knee pain.

Sometimes what’s happening in life is not something mystical or underlying, sometimes it’s just something you have to deal with. Maybe you forgot you banged your elbow? Or you’re overworking it. Sometimes you have to take the pain meds or go to the ER because all the Reiki in the world doesn’t take the pain away (I’m talking to you pleurisy ugh).

You can look up what it all means metaphysically or mind to body Louis Hay style, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna fix your life.

Sometimes you have back pain because you hunch over your computer, not because you feel the lack of support. Sometimes you have knee pain because you have a couple of pounds to let go of or you do lots of leg work. Sometimes the paper cut happens because you are being careless. Another thing to look at is that if it is a metaphysical or mind to body problem you have to be in the right mindset for it to work. You have to be ready otherwise everything will stay the same.

One thing that we as Reiki practitioners can do to help our clients (and ourselves) is to remind them that sometimes a cold is just a cold.

Also, we need to remember that under no circumstances are we allowed to diagnose anything (unless of course you are under law allowed to, have the proper education, license, etc.). If it’s something the client is really concerned about the only thing you can really do is tell them to talk to their doctor. Please don’t tell anyone the reason they can’t breathe is because they are holding onto a past life. Reiki and send them off to the doctor. Don’t tell anyone that the reason they are depressed is because they have a demon attached to their soul. Reiki and ship them off to the doctor. We like to be helpful and yes, we can be intuitive, but we are not here to diagnose people’s problems. And really sometimes a cold is just a cold because we were around others with colds. Keep it simple silly!

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