What is Shadow Work?

What is Shadow Work?

In the latest newsletter I shared that this fall I’ll be working with my shadow self. Fun fun, but what the hell is it?

Shadow work is dealing with those bits of yourself that you don’t really like, your shadow. Those spots of you that you deny. The areas in your life that aren’t perfect. The inner self talk that is less than nice to yourself. The beliefs that aren’t really yours. It’s not about “dealing” with these bits, it’s accepting them. Not letting them get you all bent out of shape. Not denying them either.

Shadow work is hard, and it’s suppose to be.

You’re practically ripping off the band-aid that you’ve put in place to make life all gumballs and lemon drops. At least as happy happy joy joy as you have now, even if it’s really just a crap storm. Shadow work causes you to shred any untruths about yourself so you can live as authentically as possible.

That my dears is the short version. This is what I understand it to be. It’s a growing experience. I’ll be working with shadow using Reiki, crystals, mediation, and massive chakra work as support. I’m just trying to decide where to start!

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