Self-Acceptance and Reiki

Self-Acceptance and Reiki

Reiki is an amazing gift we give ourselves, but sometimes we don’t think of it as a gift to US. We think of it as a way to help others. However, we can’t help anyone else heal if we don’t work on ourself first. That is why most of Reiki 1 is self-work. We heal ourselves first. One problem a lot of people have is self-acceptance, so let’s talk about self-acceptance and Reiki.

Self-Acceptance is about accepting our whole self, all our flaws, all our little hiccups in life.

There are a million reasons we might not accept ourselves. We might hate our hair, we might hate the little freckles up and down our arms, might be an annoying habit we can’t shake. For whatever reason a lot of people lack self-acceptance. They can’t seem to grasp that it’s alright, those silly little things that bug you are part of what makes you, you. It’s alright to be comfortable in your own skin. In fact, you SHOULD be comfortable being you.

I suggest getting some alone time to really pamper yourself with a Reiki session. Yes, yes, it can be hard. You know the Yoda quote right? “Do or do not, there is no try”. Or maybe that Nike tag line: “Just do it”. So now you have the alone time…

  • Set your space.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Do your opening ritual however it is you do it (call guides, thank Reiki, pray, etc.). Draw your symbols if you have any.
  • The second symbol is good to use with helping in self-acceptance, it supports you emotionally and mentally.
  • Set the intention that you are working on accepting yourself and you’ll be able to move past whatever problems you are having. It won’t be a quick fix, but Reiki will support you in the flow of emotions that come to show.
  • Let whatever comes up teach you a lesson. Do you not like your hair because it’s too wavy? Acknowledge that thought Reiki and see how you feel about it now. Is wavy hair really that bad? Probably not. Maybe you just can’t forgive yourself about something you did in the past. Acknowledge the thought, Reiki, see how you feel about it now. You are not your past, why is this holding you back? Just keep doing Reiki to help you along.
  • Continue until you feel you’ve moved past at least one thing that’s been holding you back in accepting you as you. If you need to do it multiple times to work on the same issues, just do it. If you take several sessions to work through different issues, that’s good too. How ever you do it is perfect for you.

Have you used Reiki to help move past an issue keeping you from complete self-acceptance? Let us know in the comments 😀

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