Selenite and Reiki: Using the two together

Selenite and Reiki: Using the two together

As you know, Reiki is perfect by itself as it is, but a lot of peeps like to add some extra flavorings. My favorite Reiki add-on (and a lot of other Reiki practitioners) is crystals. Crystals have been the healer’s helper for centuries, so I decided to do a short series on Reiki and crystals, starting with selenite.

Selenite Basics

Selenite comes in many different forms. You can buy it polished or rough, wands or towers, white or peachy/pink color, and many other flavors ( such as fish tail, desert rose, and gypsum flower). It is a high vibration crystal and is connected with moon energy for the way it looks.

Selenite is one of those helpers that is commonly believed to never need to be energetically cleaned. For the most part, that’s true. However, like with Reiki, you need to use your intuition. You’ll be able to tell if and when your selenite needs to be cleaned. It might feel icky in a way, or bogged down and heavier than usual. The color might be off. Or you might wanna give it a cleaning just for funsies.

selenitepic2To energetically clean selenite it’s advised not to put it in water or salt because it could dissolve. You can do a quick rinse if you need to physically clean it though. You can smug selenite if you wanted. I personally use Reiki. Draw a CKR on an end and push Reiki through with the intention of cleaning and clearing the energy of the selenite. Printing out or drawing the symbols on a piece of paper and placing your selenite on the symbols works amazingly. Also setting your selenite outside with the intention of cleaning and clearing it does the trick as well. It can be day or night, my selenite wand loves the sun!

Using Selenite during a Reiki session

There are several ways to use selenite during a Reiki session, these are just a few basics:

Smooth down and clean the aura

    • At the beginning of your session run a selenite wand down the body. The selenite picks up ickies and gets them outta the aura space. Go over the body several times, until it feels squeaky clean.
    • You can run a selenite wand down the body at the end of the session as well to help seal in the Reiki energies

Cleaning the chakras

    • Place a piece of selenite on each chakra as you go through the Reiki session. This will super charge the chakra cleaning experience during the Reiki session. When the chakras feel “done”, move on to using chakra specific crystals.

Removing attachments/ties/your preferred wording 😉

    • Find the attachment
    • Ask the client’s (or your) higher self if it’s okay to remove this attachment at this time for the highest and greatest good of all concerned
    • Use a selenite wand as a sword and cut the attachment, sending attachment back to owner
    • Fill empty space with Reiki
    • Ask that the attachment does not reform

What other ways do you use selenite in your Reiki practice? If you haven’t used it, why not?

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