Sei Hei Ki and the Reiki Principles

Sei Hei Ki and the Reiki Principles

Yesterday was the rundown of what Sei Hei Ki is, does and does not do. Today I wanna talk about how I feel the energy of SHK and why I think the symbol embodies the Reiki Principles.

Sei Hei Ki and the Reiki Principles

Remember the intro bit to the Reiki Principles? “The secret art to inviting happiness”…I say, Sei Hei Ki is an invitation to happiness itself.

When I work with Sei Hei Ki energy I find myself in a space that feels like a chilly fall day with the sun slowly warming up the planet. Everything is asleep until the sun hits it, then magic happens. Dew drops sparkle, birds sing, squirrels play, oh and the golden hour light is mmmmmm.

That’s how I feel Sei Hei Ki. Cho Ku Rei is quick energy to me. Sei Hei Ki is gentle, slow, and steady. Sei Hei Ki’s warm healing energy reminds me, today only, which calms down anxiety and worry. It reminds me to be grateful and kind, to work honestly. I am reminded of the beauty of the world, how far I’ve come on my journey, and what work is still left to do (but in a good way). That’s how I would describe the energy of Sei Hei Ki. Well that or amazeballs, a technical term.

A Mind Quieting Symbol

For me I call this my calm symbol. When I got the monkey mind goin’ on I call on Sei Hei Ki to calm it down. Think about it.

When you’re all annoyed that your head won’t shut up and let you be calm what’s the problem? A rundown of what lots of peeps worry about? Money, love, work life, friends, family. And it’s all normally a lack of balance in the area that causes concern.

Sei Hei Ki brings peace and balance, it’s a personal transformation symbol. Just like the Reiki Principles. I don’t use this symbol on clients. This is for me. I feel that while we can use SHK energy for someone else, it’s really best when the individual that needs the energy uses it for themselves. Only you can heal yourself and only you can take the steps you need to take to balance yourself. Western Reiki likes to teach how to use the symbols more on other people that internally.  Using the symbols only externally and/or only on other people does a real disservice to yourself.

I suggest getting familiar with SHK energy by doing the meditation I talked about yesterday.

Chanting with Sei Hei Ki

Alternately, chanting Sei Hei Ki until you get lost in the sounds is really satisfying. It shuts down your thoughts because you are just repeating Sei Hei Ki over and over. Feel the words vibrate your mouth and your body. Feel the symbol in your gut moving up and out of your mouth as you chant. Chant loudly for all the world to hear. I suggest starting gassho mediation, repeating the Reiki Principles then going straight into chanting Sei Hei Ki.

What are your experiences with Sei Hei Ki? What do you think about Sei Hei Ki and the Reiki Principles? Do you think SHK embodies the principles like I do?

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  • Sierra,
    I wanted to say thank you. These detailed blogs you have been writing about the Reiki symbols have been so helpful on many levels. Not only in the words you are writing but also in the feelings that come through while reading them. I sincerely thank you and look forward to the many more blogs.

    LoVe & LiGhT

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