Sei Hei Ki Bringing Balance

Sei Hei Ki Bringing Balance

You have no idea how bad I wanted to say bringing balance to The Force in the title, but I decided against it. What with the latest Star Wars movie having recently come out…anyway. This week is Sei Hei Ki week, to follow up Cho Ku Rei week.

Sei Hei Ki Bringing Balance

Sei Hei Ki (SHK) sounds like: say hay key.

Like Cho Ku Rei has lots of names so does Sei Hei Ki. Some peeps call it Symbol 2, Mental/Emotional Symbol, Balance Symbol. Sei Hei Ki is probs the least popular symbol of the 4 Reiki symbols. Why? Too much effort and time to bring balance to the force. Peeps don’t wanna “do the work”. Sei Hei Ki helps with mental and emotional stuffs, the hard stuff to really work with. And when results aren’t instant people get frustrated. They forget that healing is a process and even though you’re attuned to Reiki, you can still backtrack because get this…no one is perfect and things happen, we can get triggered and re-triggered.

What Does Sei Hei Ki Help With?

So mental/emotional is kinda vague right? I wanted to give you an idea of what that even means. We’re talking about healing thought patterns, addictions, letting go and releasing, working through resentment, becoming more confident, feelings towards others, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, annoyances. All that jazz. All the “stuff” that keeps you from being your happiest self, that’s what SHK helps with.

It also helps with mental stamina, memory, pretty much anything that deals with your head/brain/mind. I would argue that it’s also an excellent healer for the stomach…explanation later.

What Sei Hei Ki Won’t Do For You.

It’s not going to do all the work for you. If you need therapy, get therapy. If you need meds, take meds. If you need a program, get in a program. Don’t let pride keep you from helping yourself heal. Sei Hei Ki, Reiki, they help amplify results and perhaps in some cases speed up healing. But don’t expect to stop smoking immediately. Don’t expect to be an amazing public speaker after one session. Really, check all expectations at the door…

With all that said…

Like I said before, you don’t need the symbol to work with the energy of the symbol. Reiki is life force energy, you can tap into the infinite energy of the universe and you don’t need a symbol for that.

How Do We Use Sei Hei Ki To Bring Balance To Our Lives?

Learning to get quiet and meditate with the energy is where any symbol work is. This is seriously the best way to work with SHK energy and how it was intended to be worked with. Sei Hei Ki is a personal transformation symbol more than anything and combining it with meditation amplifies your experience.

Here’s what I do. Personally, I love meditating while lying in bed. I start in gassho meditation, ask Reiki to flow and ask that the energy of SHK joins. I might draw the symbol above me and visualize it slowly falling down and through me. Then I place my hands at my stomach. Many times when we’re all in our heads our stomach hurts too, the whole second brain thing and gut instinct, ya know. So I start in the lower parts of my body and move up to finish at my head.

I stay with the energy for as long as feels necessary or is needed. I use this meditation more often when I’ve been more anxious than usual. If I lose focus during the meditation I’ll visually draw the symbol over my third eye or above me again. This is just to bring my awareness back to the energy of the symbol.

I suggest doing this meditation with out calling in the energy of SHK one day, then the next call it in so you can feel the difference.

How do you utilize Sei Hei Ki?

Tomorrow I share how I feel the energy of SHK and why I think it is the embodiment of the Reiki Principles.

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  • Namaste … I really love your blog, thank you for sharing as much as you do…. I’m a Reiki II practitioner and I can sense that there’s something off about how Reiki is taught in the west. I know Reiki is all personal practice, but I also find it strange that almost anything you inquire about regarding Reiki has to be paid for ie books, and they basically all say the same thing and really are not helpful whatsoever. I’ve been an energy worker my entire life but only embraced this about myself in the recent year. I had no idea working with Reiki would be so amazing and rewarding in all the ways that it is and I’m so excited to incorporate what you’ve shared into my own practice and explore. Without others who are willing to share their practice openly, Reiki will be practiced on a superficial and generic level.

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