Say What? Reiki Symbols

Say What? Reiki Symbols

Ah…pronunciation, you are evil. Take the word pecan. I’m from the south (South Carolina…Virginia…Missouri…Southern Indiana, I’m a regular southern bell) and it’s pronounced pea-can. NOT pa-con, pea-con, or any variation, what is that? It’s imaginary food, that’s what that is!

Uhm…okay…what are you getting at here?

Have you taken multiple Reiki 2 classes? By different teachers? Or watched videos on Reiki? Do you enjoy the tongue twister that is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen? So many different ways to say the name, is it zee or zay or zed or what what? I’ve heard it so many different ways. Oh or how about Dai Ko Myo for the Reiki 3s? Die ko my-o? Me-o? Day ko me-o? Dee coo my-o.

Is this really a problem though?

Heck no! Reiki is all about intention. If you intend to use any of the Reiki symbols you’re using them, even if it’s drawn or said “wrong”. No one and nothing is gonna Reiki block you.

Of course there are purist, that say you MUST draw/say the symbol exactly as they taught you otherwise you aren’t doing true Reiki. Let’s think about that. Originally Reiki didn’t have symbols at all, then there were 3 (not four). Besides that, Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki to the west, did NOT allow her students to take any of their practice papers home. When all her peeps got together after her death they realized that they all had different symbols dun-dun-duhnnnnnnn. If all those students had different symbols all together, can you imagine how many different pronunciations they had too? Maybe not, but still, the possibilities are endless.

While correctness is unnecessary, we DO want to be mindful of how we draw or invoke the Reiki symbols.

We want to be respectful of what we were taught. Meditate on the symbols. Practice. When you draw/invoke the symbols with purpose you’ll feel the energies much easier.

8 thoughts on “Say What? Reiki Symbols”

  • I like very much the fact that symbols are about intention!
    So we need to * f e e l * them, correct?
    I know almost nothing about reiki but it is intriguing to me.
    Thanks Sierra for this easy – start – sharing! 🙂

  • Intention makes sense to me. I have to admit I have blocked after learning Reiki. Maybe it is time to revisit the teachings with a different intention 🙂

    • The teachings are beautiful with the 5 Principles and based on intentions. There is so much Reiki can offer us in all it’s facets: spiritual practice, healing practice, mindfulness practice, etc. <3

  • So much of what we do, not just Reiki, is about perception and intention. I’m a northern girl, but my family was from the south, so I’m with you on pronouncing Pecan.

  • I love that! I believe everything is more about your intention rather than getting everything exactly ‘right’. Well, other than grammar lol. If our intention is pure then it can’t go wrong. Great post! Blessings, Andrea

    • Yes! When someone worries about getting something ‘right’, it might botch up the intention in a way. Use pure intention and it’s all good 🙂

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