Sacred Space-ification [Part 2 of 3]: How do we create sacred space?

Sacred Space-ification [Part 2 of 3]: How do we create sacred space?

In part one we discovered what sacred space was, and why we wanted it. This post is all about how to create sacred space that you can use regularly.

Scout out a spot!

If you don’t have a space in mind of where you’d like to set your sacred space, then start looking! It might be a cozy little area in the garden. A spare bedroom. The porch swing. Find someplace that will make you happy when you spend your time there…away from the television, computer, cellphone, and other electronic devices ;). Take as long as you need to find this space you’ll be claiming as your sacred space.

Clean it up!

If your space is crazy messy, then you need to clean it up. Remember to energetically clean it after the physical stuff is done!

Methods to energetically clean your space:

  • Reiki, CKR does really well.
  • Use a smudge stick
  • Set up a cleansing crystal grid
  • Spray salt water around (seriously put salt in a spray bottle of warm water and spray on mist…make sure it won’t damage any of your stuff though!)
  • Chant OM or play a cd of others chanting OM (or other sacred chant) to clear up the space
  • Pray and Bless the area

Get to decorating!

You want the space to FEEL special. Someplace you want to be a part of. Decorate your spot to your liking. You don’t have to go crazy here and you don’t have to buy anything, just make it special in some way.

Ideas for decorating:

  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Crystal Grid
  • Nature Prints
  • Reiki Symbols
  • Papasan (greatest chairs ever!)
  • Scarves tacked to the ceiling
  • Wind Chimes
  • Decorative incense burner and candle holders
  • Art Table & Art Supplies
  • Rosary Beads or Cross
  • Statues
  • Tarot Cards
  • Alter
  • Candles

Appeal to the senses!

Use cloths or textures that feel good. Think about wearing special clothes in your sacred space. Make the room smell amazing. Have things that are visually pleasing to you. Use music that makes you happy, relaxed, creative, etc. 

Get to using it!

Discussed in part 3 with now what the do I do here? 😉

These same exact methods can be used to create your sacred Reiki space.

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How have you decorated your sacred space? Share with us in the comments 😀 Share with us how you create sacred space!

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