Sacred Space-ification [Part 1 of 3]: What is sacred space and why do you want it?

Sacred Space-ification [Part 1 of 3]: What is sacred space and why do you want it?

Spring is starting to finally show it’s pretty face in this part of the world, and what comes with spring? Renewal! And of course spring cleaning ::groan:: This is the perfect time to start creating sacred space in your life if you don’t already have a spot dedicated to it.

What is sacred space?

Everyone has their own definition of sacred space. For some the word sacred denotes a religious tone, for some their sacred space is simply a spot to chill, and others, it’s where ever the wind takes them. Sacred space is a place to feel safe and comfortable. You’re able to let loose and be yourself, and go into yourself. You can be undisturbed. Creative. Alive. Someplace you can just be. No one to judge you, no one to confront you. Work on your inner-self, do self care. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Where is your sacred space, and what makes it so sacred? What is the first place/area/spot that pops into your head? Perhaps it’s not even a place in your own home. Is it a church? Your favorite yoga hangout? The garden? Grandma’s craft room? Bathroom breaks to get away from the kids? Your Reiki room? Do you have a dedicated alter, and that’s all? (Nothing wrong with that!) Do you have an entire meditation room? Corner of your bedroom set for sacred space? It’s all good, wherever it is.

In our Reiki practices we create sacred space wherever we do Reiki. We create it for ourselves and the person we are working on. We are open, caring, and loving to the person on our table which allows them to feel safe and secure. They let their guards down and we are able to help them with the healing process and relaxation. Both huge things for sacred spaces–healing & relaxation.

Why do you want a sacred space?

It’s important for your sanity to have a spot to call your own. Perhaps you just want an area to call yours, dibs, off limits to anyone else, so that you can get your self care time in. Maybe you need a space for massive creative happenings. Or a dedicated prayer spot. A meditation spot. Whatever you need, make it your sacred spot. Take care of it, decorate it, be in it.

In Reiki we want sacred space to keep Reiki sacred, to keep peeps relaxed, and to keep the place relaxing. If we allow our energies to go all cray cray or let our space get all cluttery, we could, rather than relax someone, cause anxiety. Super important to keep up the integrity of Reiki by keeping our spaces clean, cleared, Reiki-ed, and pleasant. Our peeps want the sacred feeling. The calming spot they can go to and not worry about a thing. The place they can go and rest.

Coming next:

  • Part 2: How to create sacred space. We’ll discuss how to create the perfect sacred space for you.
  • Part 3: Now what do I do here? It’s all set up, now what the heck do we do in sacred space? 

Smell the incense, feel the warm glow of the candles scattered about, hear the soft hum of the music lulling you into a meditative state. A state of wonder and understanding.

Where is your sacred space? Share with us in the comments 😀

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