Reiki Will Teach You

Reiki Will Teach You

When you take a Reiki class it is only the beginning. It gives you the necessary bits to get you started, but you have to take what you learned and continue learning.

Reiki is an excellent teacher if you let it.

If you practice daily.

If you open up to being taught.

If you experiment.

If you play.

If you make time for it.

The lessons Reiki will teach you are not going to be easy especially in this fast paced world.

Reiki will teach you patience.

Reiki will teach you the importance of self-care.

Reiki will teach you to be in the moment.

Reiki will support you in your darkest days.

Reiki will give you a bitchslap when you need it. Of course only in the most loving of ways.

Reiki will help build confidence.

Reiki will help eradicate low self-esteem.

Reiki will help.

You have to make time for it and let the lessons in.

Your lessons may not be the same as my lessons or anyone else’s lessons. You have to allow Reiki to teach you. Letting Reiki teach you is one of the biggest lessons we go through with Reiki. It is a lesson in letting go and letting Reiki do what it does. It is a lesson in healing ourselves.

Reiki will teach you what you are ready to learn, but you can not just take a class and let it go. You have to continue your education.

That does not mean you ever have to take another class again. No, you just have to be open to what Reiki has to teach you.

“Hands on, Reiki on” –Hawayo Takata

Put your hands on everything.

Reiki everything. Especially yourself. Especially when you need it most.

Be open to what happens. Notice how you feel after each and every session you give yourself (or you get from someone).

Don’t force anything. Don’t force yourself to feel anything, just let the Reiki happen. You may not feel Reiki, which is fine, it is still doing what it needs to do. However, with continued practice you may develop the ability to feel Reiki.

What lessons has Reiki taught you? Share with us in the comments!

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