Building Your Reiki Toolbox + A Worksheet

Building Your Reiki Toolbox + A Worksheet

At some point during your Reiki trainings you’ll probably feel the pull to branch out and expand upon your Reiki knowledge. This is normal. You’ll be adding to your Reiki toolbox.

What the heck? Reiki Toolbox?

Your Reiki toolbox are all the tricks you have up your sleeves. What helps you amplify your Reiki practice. Keeps you learning, keeps you practicing new things.

You might want to incorporate crystals or maybe add color therapy in your sessions. How about messages from spirit guides? Or massage? Awesome. Expanding your mind to other healing modalities is a great way to honor your Reiki training.

However, if you don’t want to go beyond Reiki it’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to, to build your Reiki toolbox. You can add flavor to your Reiki by trying different ways to channel Reiki, use the symbols differently, add to what and how you Reiki.

My advice to you in any case is to play. Reiki isn’t a stiff-lipped healing modality, you are allowed to have fun! So to build your toolbox you need to just relax and have fun, enjoy the journey. Also don’t get too caught up in trying to learn everything at once, take things at a pace that is right for you. Please don’t turn your brain to jelly by staying up late and researching, that is counter productive! Be chill and take your time.

Get Creative.

Get silent if you have to.

Get inside yourself to explore your interests and hidden gifts.

Don’t know what the heck you wanna add, but you wanna explore? Check out the worksheet below! (Click the picture and it will take you to the PDF page to download)


This is the start of the Build Your Reiki Toolbox Series. This series will explore different tools in the toolbox. Each entry will be exclusively about a different new practice to add to Reiki. These posts will vary between only Reiki (such as new ways to use the symbols) to adding to Reiki (like adding Emotional Freedom Technique to Reiki sessions).

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