My Story of Reiki Struggles

My Story of Reiki Struggles

I shared this with the people on the mailing list (which if you aren’t signed up you’re missing the FREE Reiki Resource Library…you can sign up here). Anywaysss…..I’m coming to you today from a place of vulnerability and open-heartedness. I want to share with you my Reiki struggles. I know there are people that struggle with Reiki. You, in particular, may not. But I still want to share with you. This is for the ones that struggle in any way with their Reiki practice. I want you to know that shit gets better and easier.

I’ve written about my Reiki story before. But that story is the funny beginning. I mean who else can say that Magic Mike brought them to Reiki, besides my family? But here is the cold hard truth.

I struggled. I struggled a lot.  I had proof that Reiki worked, but I had problems believing it. My mind was all like but but but nooooooo. After my first Reiki share I read everything I could grab about Reiki. I devoured it like my life depended on it. I practiced the hand placements. I looked up the symbols. I waited very impatiently for the Reiki 1 class to come around. I was obsessed.

Then class. Boom. Attunement. Boom. I could feel a difference, but it was only a subtle difference. There were no lightning bolts, no fireworks, no guides coming and talking me through the attunement, no colors. Just ehh yeah I guess I felt something happening. I was devastated. In fact, I wondered if I even was attuned to anything. There were some signs though, I was pretty wound up after class and that night I slept verrrrrrryyyy well. So obviously, something happened.

The next couple of weeks I was an emotional wreck. Crying. Me crying. Unheard of, I don’t cry. I did my daily Reiki, but I always questioned it. Why do we have hand placements if Reiki goes where it is supposed to? Why can’t I do distant Reiki just because I’m a Reiki 1? That sounds dumb. Why isn’t it working for ::insertproblem::? Plus countless other questions.

Then Reiki 2 happened. I got the symbols and was like…seriously dude, really now? I was still struggling to really get into a trust with Reiki. I again wondered if anything happened during this attunement thing? But again, wired after class and slept reallllllly well. Conclusion: yes, I was attuned. And I went along and continued doing my nightly Reiki thang.

Somewhere though I decided that the attunements didn’t work for me like they did my mom and I looked for a more experienced teacher. We took Reiki 1 & 2 together again with a different teacher (with 1 and 2 in the weekend). My world opened up.

Not because of the different teacher, not because of this new teacher’s attunements, I was already attuned. I opened up because I could help my fellow classmates because I went through what they went through. Doing a 1&2 class together was good for the second time around, but I could see that many of my classmates were having troubles wrapping their heads around it all. They had questions and I could help answer them. In our little practice groups I would share the experiences I had and it helped them.

After this set of classes I started to journal the crap out of my problems. I uncovered that I put limits on Reiki (some of which I’m still working through). I started meditating to clear my head. I worked with Reiki with everything I could think of. I did Reiki every night and every time I thought about it. I Reiki everything that went into or on my body. I started to pay attention to how it made me feel.

I started to trust Reiki and learn from it. I started to wrap my head around this gift. I started to appreciate Reiki more. And I started to share what I learned.

There were many nights where I wondered if it was worth it to Reiki before sleeping, but I always did. I knew that Reiki helped me fall asleep and stay asleep and calm down any worry that I had.

Reiki has helped me with anxiety on a huge level. I still have anxiety, but it’s not nearly the level it used to be. Reiki has helped reduce my worrying (worry wart use to be a nickname…) and holy crap has it taken my anger issues to almost nothing. Reiki has become a part of my life that I wouldn’t give up for anything. And I want to help you get there too.

If you struggle with getting into a Reiki practice that you adore, I want to help. I’ve had the struggle, I can help you through it. I have many ways to help.

  1. Join the mailing list to get access to the free Reiki Resource Libary and access to the free Facebook group. There are 300+ peeps in the group to help you along.

  2. In the shop there are meditations that are super helpful.

3. Ignite Your Reiki Passion a magical Reiki playground 😉 to unleash your healing potential. Ignite Your Reiki Passion is a sacred safe online Reiki practitioners to meet and support each other as they uncover their Reiki passions while we play through monthly Reiki themes. Only $30 USD a month and you can cancel any time you want, can’t go wrong 😀

  1. Lastly, I’d love it if you could shoot me an email with your Reiki struggles and we can see what the best avenue for you is. I also would like to know what you really want to see on Reiki Playground (freebies/programs/blogs/etc.) because I want to do stuff that you want.

Sending tons of Reiki your way <3

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