Building Your Reiki Toolbox: Making Reiki Sounds

Building Your Reiki Toolbox: Making Reiki Sounds

This week’s Building Your Reiki Toolbox we are talking about SOUND baby! An often not talked about, yet wonderful resource to add to our practices. Now you might be thinking…I listen to music when I Reiki, that’s sound. Well, yeah…but do you MAKE sound

I recently purchased a small round drum to add to my small eclectic collection of instruments (lap harp, singing bowl, guitar, tin pipe, now drum). Each instrument brings me joy when I take the time to play with them, but when I add Reiki to the mix holy crap Batman there is more FUN.

How do you add Reiki to instrument playing? There are several ways:

  1. You can move around the body and play towards the area you want the vibrations to go and send Reiki through the vibrations.
  2.  Play the instrument with the intention that all who hear the sounds receives Reiki.
  3. Reiki the instrument before playing, then while playing let loose and just let the sounds happen.

Another wonderful way to add sound is to CHANT.

You can chant Reiki (RAAAAAYYYYYY KKKKKEEEEYYYY), the symbol names, OM, prayers, affirmations, whatever you can think of. Get those vibrations going! When you chant you help open up your throat chakra. For a lot of people this chakra is all wobbly and not happy at all, that’s because people don’t like to communicate. They get all frustrated when they have to open their mouths to say anything that they just start to close off that chakra. Not good people, not good! You don’t have to be in group to get the benefits of chanting, you can close yourself off in the bathroom and get your chant on. The thing you need to know is not to be shy in your chanting. MAKE SOME NOISE and feel those vibrations. I tend to chant while laying in bed doing self Reiki at 2 in the morning while everyone else is asleep. It kinda feels weird, but it’s totally worth it.

Lastly talk (to a client).

If you have a practice where you Reiki others you might find that talking during the session, with their permission, is beneficial for them. You could guide them through a meditation. If you are or consider yourself a life coach you can coach them through a problem (remember: no diagnosing, unless you have all the correct credentials to do so!).  Have the client talk about what’s going on in their lives to help you help them get past what’s bothering them.

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What other ways do you Reiki sounds? Let us know in the comments! 

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