Magical Reiki Shower

Magical Reiki Shower

For some reason, I wanna talk about the magical Reiki shower today. Why? Because magical. And I’m gonna have to go take one soon because this runaround from the T-Mobile chat dude is driving me nuts….breathe Sierra, just for today do not be angry. I’m not angry, I’m frustrated, there is a difference! ::cough:: I’m okay…

Okay, so why is this Reiki shower so magical? It washes away all the stuff you’ve been holding on to, are angry at, worried about. Helps you let go of the day, or start your morning right. Don’t confuse this with the Reiki dry bathing method Kenyoku-Ho. Today we’re talking about a for really real shower.

Reiki shower

How to take a Reiki shower

We’ll assume you’re already stripped down and in the shower.

Before you even start the water (okay, you can do this while the water heats up.), stand and place hands in gassho. Don’t moan at me, just do it.

While in gassho ask that Reiki flows for the duration of the shower for your highest and greatest good. Throw in some intentions…my favs and this is exactly what I say: I ask that Reiki flows while I shower. I ask that it clears my body, mind, spirit, chakras, auras, and anything that needs to be cleared out of my life to be removed and sent down the drain. You can have intentions like I ask that this Reiki shower washes away my pain. I ask that today’s energy be washed away. Whatever feels right.

Now it’s time to shower. Yep, that’s it. You can Reiki all your showering supplies if you want, your shampoo, soap, conditioner, shaving cream, washrag, loofa, puff, etc. You can’t have too much Reiki 😀

Next level Reiki shower

So maybe you think that was all too easy. Then it’s time to take your Reiki shower up a notch. The challenge and real next level kinda thing is keeping a clear mindset while Reiki showering.

That means don’t rehash a bad day, don’t think about your bills, don’t worry about what you have to do. The right mindset while in the Reiki shower is reflecting on things you’re grateful for. Counting your blessings. Being thankful. Breathing exercises. Meditating. Remembering kindness….that kinda stuff.

For the whole time? Yes, the whole time. At the very least enjoy the shower and try not to think about things that put you in a bad mood.

Don’t let the easiness of the Reiki shower fool you into thinking this isn’t powerful healing. While a regular shower is healing enough, a Reiki shower adds in the benefits of Reiki and intention.

Have you taken a magical Reiki shower? What are your experiences?

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