Reiki Session Mishaps

Reiki Session Mishaps

Today the underwire in my bra snapped. It made a little pop as it decided to give out.

In the middle of a Reiki session.

::died a little inside::

A couple of months ago I sneezed during a session.

Had a crazy coughing fit once at the beginning of a session. Well it was before we even started, but the client was in the room and we were talking.

Accidentally knocked a chair against the wall right when the client fell asleep.

Oh and I also called a client by the wrong name today. Bra snap client 1, wrong name client 2…Mishaps 2 points, Sierra 0 points.

Reiki session mishaps happen.

So how do you deal when something goes awry during a session with a client?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Open one eye to see if the client noticed what happened…

Okay no, but seriously, notice if the client saw/heard/felt what happened. If they did then apologize verbally. Even if they were out cold you could silently apologize if you want and just get back to the session.

There is no need to get totally freaked out. No need to say sorry over and over and over again. Just breathe, apologize once, get back to Reiki. For the most part, clients may very well be so in the blissed out Reiki zone that they don’t notice anything. People understand that shit happens.

There are cases when a mishap may totally throw off a session and frustrate the client, like if a dog barks continuously the whole time. I know that would really annoy me as a client.

In a case such as this, where the client is frustrated by the mishap, and you are comfortable with offering, I suggest taking a small percentage off. Say something like: I know that dog really threw off the session and I’m sorry about that, I hope that a 10% (or whatever feels right to you) discount can help put your mind at ease about it and I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Then next time make sure the dog isn’t going to be barky again. I personally would not suggest giving the session for free unless that is what you feel towards. It is totally your decision.

Another suggestion would be to stop the session, talk about it and see if they want to continue or reschedule. Maybe the building next door started some kind of construction in the middle of the session and all the banging jolted your client out of the Reiki zone. It isn’t really relaxing so you could ask them if they wanted to continue or reschedule the rest of the session.

What if the Reiki session mishap is the client’s?

There aren’t many mishaps a client can have during a session, however, there are things that may be embarrassing to them (like farting…). So let’s talk about this.

When a client passes gas and they apologize for it just reassure them it is natural and nothing to be sorry for. Then keep the session going. Don’t let them think they did something wrong when it is a natural normal body function. So burping, farting, hiccuping, stomach gurgles, etc. It is all normal and natural.

Have you had a Reiki session mishap? I would love to read about them, share in the comments!

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