Reiki Rainbows

Reiki Rainbows

Reiki and chakra work go hand in hand, so using colors in Reiki is not unusual. Colors can mess or help with your mood, feelings, behaviors, and healing. Colors can only help boost the healing in a Reiki session when the right combinations are used for the client or ourselves. I personally love the extra boost color usage gives to Reiki.  

I use to wonder why the color yellow made me want to go into a crazed rampage, and then I figured out it was a solar plexus problem. I now no longer have the adverse reaction to the color yellow since working on my solar plexus chakra with Reiki. I visualized the solar plexus as the brightest yellow I could imagine, then also gave it the colors of the two surrounding chakras to give it added support. This helped, but it wasn’t until I let go of the problems of the solar plexus that the color yellow became my friend. 

There are several ways to use colors with Reiki and turn your session into a rainbow of loving color. I personally tend to only use the colors of the chakras, but you can include or exclude any color you want. It’s all up to you and as long as there are no adverse reactions then it’s all good!

Visualization Methods:

1. Visualize each color of the chakras starting with the root going through and filling your client or yourself and acting like it’s cleaning out the old stuff and leaving only the good new energies.

2. Visualize each chakra as it is, then start filling it with the brightest colors you can imagine. Let the chakra grow brighter and brighter in it’s color until it feels where it needs to be.

3.   Fill the client or yourself with rainbow visualizations.

Physical Methods:

1. Use felt or color swatches of the colors you want to use, then lay them in the appropriate places.  This is super helpful if you have problems visualizing colors. I use colored felt quite a bit with Reiki. I just have the colors of the chakras plus white. I’ve laid the felt on the person and I’ve had them lay on the colors, so it really doesn’t matter. What feels right is what will work for you.

2. Use crystals. Same as felt/color swatches. They are awesome to use if you can’t visualize, and they are pretty. But not only that, if you use crystals with your Reiki, the session is getting the added benefits of colors and crystals. TRIPLE THE AWESOME!

3. Use the light! You can get color therapy lights and use them during your session to get the benefits of color and light. Some people use crystals to shine light through to get the colors and there again you have the awesome use of many healing modalities at work.

Have you used color and Reiki together? If so how do you use color and Reiki together? If not, why don’t you try and enjoy some Reiki rainbows?

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