Reiki Playground’s Top Ten Favorite Crystals

Reiki Playground’s Top Ten Favorite Crystals

I love crystals, writing articles (here, here, here, here, here), giving crystals photo shoots (as seen in the post below). I love them. Crystals, stone, rocks, minerals, I use the words all interchangeably, preferring the word crystal…because that word sparkles when you say it. Just try it, of course throwing a handful of glitter doesn’t hurt 😉 This post is about Reiki Playground’s Top Ten Favorite Crystals. 

10. Carneliancarn

Carnelian is an awesome sacral chakra stone. Carnelian helps bring the sacral chakra to balance and gives a boost of creative energies to whoever uses. I use it on the sacral chakra, but also in meditation. If you need a creative push, use carnelian.

9. Yellow Tiger’s Eye


This stone is said to bring the user good luck and prosperity. It is a protective stone. Tiger’s eye is also a wonderful solar plexus chakra crystal. There are different varieties of tiger’s eye, but I enjoy the yellow the best. I use it in chakra work and when I feel my shields need a boost. Just pop it in your pocket and you are extra protected!

8. Garnet


Garnet is one of many crystals I prefer to use for the root chakra. Mine looks a bit beat-up, but she’s well loved, she wasn’t smooth when she came into my life. Many use garnet for grounding after sessions, I use it as a chakra balancer and rejuvenator.

7. Blue Lace Agate


Blue lace agate is my go to crystal for throat chakra work and when calming energies are needed. I find the gentle energy soothing when my mind won’t shut up and others have commented on how easy it is to communicate when blue lace is around. An in-depth write up of how I personally us it is here.

6. Hematite


Hematite is my absolute go to for grounding work. At the end of a session I use it to come back to my body or ground a client. At times if massive grounded is needed hematite is placed at the feet, knees, or root chakra of the person on the table.

5. Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is my favorite negativity repeller. It’s also considered a protective stone. A full write up of my favorite method of using black tourmaline is here. Random tidbit: it was recommended in a workshop to place black tourmaline in your car to repel negativity and keep you safe from other drivers. The workshop presenter told us how he was never in an accident and when he bought a new car he never transferred his “car black tourmaline” to the new car and within weeks he got into an accident. So if you’re accident prone, keep some with you!

4. Amethyst


Amethyst is a multi-chakra stone. It’s used for the higher chakras as in  the third eye and crown. Many use it to go outta this world in meditation and others use it to open their third eye and help strengthen psychic abilities. It’s wonderful if you want to send yourself or client off on a journey during the session.

3. Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is a crystal of love. It’s used for the heart chakra or wherever more loving energies need to go during a session. I use it with black tourmaline as outlined here.

2. Selenite


Selenite is a high chakra, high vibration crystal. It’s often said you don’t have to clean it and that it helps clean other stones. In Reiki a lot of times it’s used to clean the aura of the practitioner and client before the session. Then after the session it’s used to smooth the aura. Lots of ways to use this stone. More deets here.

1. Clear Quartz


Finally, the number 1 stone is CLEAR QUARTZ! Winner winner chicken dinner! Clear quartz is the most versatile crystal you can have. If you only have 1 crystal, this is the one to have. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It amplifies, it projects, it can be anything you want. Soooo much awesome in each one! Read more here.

What are some of your favorite crystals? Do you have a top ten? Share with us in the comments 😀

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