What is YOUR Reiki Personality?

What is YOUR Reiki Personality?

This was written just for funsies. I notice there are a lot of different techniques and personalities in the Reiki community. Listed here are 16 that I have pin pointed. See which ones you are (because I’m sure you are a multi-Reiki personality :)). Let us know in the comments which ones you are and if there are any we missed! Have fun!

mcol_sun Morning and Night: 

For these Reiki personalities they always make time for a good morning and night session. They tend not to deviate if they can help it. They like the habit of doing something good for themselves at the start and end of the day.

To the T:

They do everything exactly as their teacher taught them. Look for an ear full of it if you happen to post a CKR or any of the other symbols on the internet or where non-attuned peeps can see, they will troll you until you take it down. They are behind the times.

On the fly:

This Reiki personality has had Reiki for a bit. They don’t wake up early enough to give themselves a morning treatment and at night they just forget. They use Reiki sporadically throughout the day, when they remember.

I’m just here for the free cookies:

This is for the Reiki personality that only practices during Reiki shares/circles. They enjoy getting Reiki, but they wish they could just leave and get their cookie (or other grounding food…) once their mini session is over.

knotfingerOh yeah, I have Reiki:

The Reiki personality that got attuned long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. They have Reiki, but they forget to use it. They tend to wonder if “this stuff still works” when they try and start up again. Reiki is always with you.

The Impatient:

This new Reiki practitioner just took their first Reiki class and they already want to go the next mile. They need to hold their horses and get use to the energy before moving on. That doesn’t stop some of them from searching out a teacher that will go on and take them to the next level even when they aren’t truly ready.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone:

Fresh new face didn’t know what they were getting into, but it was fabulous. They opted into a level 1&2 weekend class so things were a bit rushed and they are a bit confused. They look for ways to understand Reiki more completely.

Almost there:

They kinda sorta know what Reiki is, and they kinda sorta wanna take a class, but for now they are content to just go to a practitioner or Reiki share until they know for sure it’s what they want.  Alternately, they could know enough to want to take a class, but just waiting for the money to be there.


They think they feel stuff happening, but they aren’t really certain. Reiki is an interesting concept…


Ohhhh this is soooo cooolllll!!!! Reiki is awesomeeeee! I’m gonna Reiki myself, my cat, dog, hamster, mom, sister, and anything else I can get my hands on!


Look what I can do! Look what I can do! Look what I can do! They forget that it’s not them doing the healing, it’s the person that’s receiving Reiki. They forget to give credit where it’s due, and they always wanna show you what cool stuff is in their bag of tricks.

Mix & Match:

This Reiki personality uses all kinds of other energy and healing modalities with their Reiki. Not only is it Reiki, it’s crystals, color therapy, quantum touch, breathing, and a whole bunch of other things they’ve picked up along the journey.

Head Hog:

These people don’t like moving. They tend to stay at the head rather than move through the whole hand placement set. This is just a personal preference thing. It’s really not because they are lazy, they just don’t have to move because they can get things done where they are at. Alternately at Reiki shares they don’t give up the head spot.

Oh God:

Even though Reiki is not a Religion these people feel that they must inject it with religion so they can feel better about using something so “woo-woo”.

angel_wingAngels we have heard on high:

These people are not religious per say, but they love themselves the angels. They have most if not all of Doreen Virtue’s angel books and they frequently talk about angels.

Holistic Health Plan:

Reiki is part of their health plan. They do the whole shebang, Reiki, homeopathy, etc, no part of western medicine is coming near them.

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10 thoughts on “What is YOUR Reiki Personality?”

  • Well, I seriously hate to admit it, but mostly I’m On the Fly, Mix and Match, and sometimes guilty of one you missed – the feet hog!

  • I guess I am a Noob, but could turn into a mix and match. It never really leaves me; it has become infused into my being ♡

  • Used to be a skeptic. Those who attuned with me a couple of years (level 2) were feeling hand tingles, heat or cold and me nothing at the time. Sometimes on the fly. I’m a mix ‘n match kind of a girl. I love angels and only have 1 book by Doreen Virtue.

  • Well I am a to the T. I was taught 25 years ago and I believe I was taught the way Dr. Usui taught it and that is good enough for me and it works.

  • Hi Sierra! I relate to the “oh yeah I have Reiki” scenario. I do Reiki for weeks at a time to myself, my family and my cat Merlin, usually when a crisis occurs in my life and I end up on sick leave. But then I go back to work and I lose the urge to do Reiki. It’s unfortunate and I always promise myself I’ll continue but I don’t. I’m even up to Level III Reiki Usui and have been initiated to LaHoChi. I don’t understand, it’s as if my energy is different when I go back to work and reenter the “real” world.

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