Reiki and Pendulums Video Workshop

Hey everyone! Today I’m announcing that the Reiki and Pendulums Video Workshop is available in the Free Reiki Resource Library! ::throwsconfetti::

Reiki and pendulums video workshop

Reiki and Pendulums Video Workshop

Inside the Reiki and Pendulums video workshop is 7 short videos. The workshop itself is only just slightly over 33 minutes long.

The videos inside the Reiki and Pendulums video workshop are:

Part 1: Intro and suggestions

Part 2: Asking the right questions

Part 3: Getting close to your pendulum

Part 4: Getting answers

Part 5: Reiki and pendulums for self

Part 6: Reiki and pendulums for clients/others

Part 7: Final thoughts

I suggest watching the videos in order, but if you feel like jumping around that’s up to you.

So how do you get your eyeballs on this video workshop? Sign up for the mailing list! You’ll also get access to the full Free Reiki Resource Library that peeps are raving about. You can sign up through the form below or go to this page.

P.S. If you’re already on the mailing list you got an email Sunday (February 5, 2017) that said the workshop was available and it gave you a reminder of what the password to the Reiki Resource Library was. So no need to sign up again 😀

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