Reiki Playground’s Ultimate Reiki Music Playlist

Reiki Playground’s Ultimate Reiki Music Playlist

After doing three weeks of only talking about Reiki symbols, I decided I needed a tiny break from them. So today I wanna talk about music!

One thing that can make or break a Reiki session (at least for me) is music. Some peeps don’t wanna listen to anything that’s got singing. Some want to hear the thundering heartbeat of a drum. Others want to get lost in intricate melodies. And still others want it silent. What we have here today is our ultimate Reiki music playlist.

Reiki Playground's Ultimate Reiki Music Playlist

Reiki Music Playlist

Music I use for myself

Heart of Reiki, By Merlin’s Magic

My ultimate fave. It’s super repetitive and an hour long so if you don’t like that then this probs isn’t the one for you. It’s happy little bells (I think…) that just keep going and going and I get lost in them. I feel like I’m wandering a forest following fairy light. Then the background picks up with some flute-age (or something…) and it’s just mmmm.

Holy Harmony, By Johnathan Goldman

Again it’s an hour long and very repetitive. Basically, it’s a healing chant that is just on repeat. I find it calming. It starts out pretty soft, but then it builds and builds. So if you listen to it start it soft otherwise you’re gonna blare out your eardrums.

Music I use for clients

These first three I love because they each have 12 5 minute songs and makes timing a Reiki session pretty perfect. I don’t have to watch the clock because I just have to see what song I’m on. 6 songs for a half hour session and the whole cd for an hour. It’s super helpful for me to be able to block my sessions with music, I don’t forget where I’m at haha.

  • Reiki Colors Dream Colors, By Andreas…my fav of this group
  • Reiki Gold, By Llewellyn
  • Angelic Reiki by Niall & Juliana

Music for Reiki Attunement, By Llewellyn

I’m gonna say this one has some deep stuff. It starts with a song called Archangel Raphel that starts out like…maybe this isn’t the best thing to try and relax to, but then it quickly goes to a soft angel choir like thing and it’s all like okay this’ll work. Then all the rest of the songs are nice and comforting. I have to watch myself with this one, I can get really lost in it so it. It’s just over an hour long.

Namaste I & II

I like these two because they offer a wide range of variety. There’s soft gentle music, chanting, chimes, flutes, bamboos? I can’t tell what a lot of the instruments are haha. But it’s a nice variety. I personally like Namaste II better, but they are all good. There’s also Nameste Healing, Namaste Yoga, and I’m sure even more in this Namaste series.

Anything Liquid Mind…

Liquid Mind is just amazeballs…I love Serenity the most so far.

Maybe you’re thinking “that’s it?”. Ah, yeah. I don’t wanna keep up with a bagillion and one cds or mp3s. I wanna just pop something on the stereo and go. Check out the music suggested in this post, it’s a really good place to start if you don’t know where to start.

Last note: You almost can’t go wrong with anything by Andreas, Llewellyn, Goldman, Gordon, Liquid Mind, and Aoelia. They all have that relaxing vibe to them.

Do you have a Reiki music playlist? What’s on it! Share with us in the comments 😀

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