Ultimate Reiki Journaling Experience [Free Reiki Printable]

Ultimate Reiki Journaling Experience [Free Reiki Printable]

Reiki Journaling Experience! Here are 7 Reiki journal worksheets to deepen your Reiki lifestyle. The basis of the worksheets is the Reiki Principles and each principle has it's own page. No strings attached freebie! Free Reiki printable! The Free Reiki printable I prepared for you today I decided to call the Ultimate Reiki Journaling Experience (duhduhduhhhhhhh). What you have here are 7 journal worksheets designed to deepen your Reiki lifestyle.

You can print out a worksheet a day and journal through the questions. You can print out all the worksheets and do each of them every day. You can go in order, or out of order. You can use only 1 worksheet ever, or none. You can instead write in a separate notebook using the worksheets as guides. Use these worksheets however you want.

The basis of this journaling experience are the Reiki Principles:

Just for today
I will not be angry
I will not worry
I will work honestly
I will be grateful for all my many blessings
I will be kind to all living things

Each principle has a page dedicated to it so that you can connect and actively work with the principles. Use these pages to your advantage to really dive into living the principles.

There are no strings attached to this free Reiki printable. Just click here, then hit download and you are good to go (if prompted to create/sign in just hit the X and you’ll go straight to the download). However if you would like to sign up for the mailing list I’d be super grateful. All you gotta do is pop your email address into the form below, look for the email to confirm your address, confirm, then you’re all set!. This is a PDF so you need a program to read it (adobe offers a free one). Please enjoy your Reiki journaling experience 😀

Sending Reiki your way!

P.S. Wanna share this with other people? Please do! But only if you do not change a thing. You could direct them here to get their own copy 🙂

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