52 Reiki Journal Writing Prompts

52 Reiki Journal Writing Prompts

Reiki journal writing prompts 52 Reiki journal prompts to help you deeply connect with ReikiThe end of the year is looming close and holidays are both winding down and picking up. For those that celebrate Christmas, the full moon is also shining brightly that night, how cool is that?

With it being the end of the year I wanted to give you a gift that can help you on your Reiki path. It is a small little PDF that has 52 Reiki journal writing prompts designed to help you deepen your self-Reiki practice.

I created it so you can examine your self-Reiki practice from all sides. Starting with why you got into Reiki.

I suggest starting with a clean fresh journal and go through these Reiki journal writing prompts weekly by hand. Of course use Reiki to help you through these journal writing prompts.

Grab your FREE 52 Reiki Journal Writing Prompts pdf here. All you gotta do is hit the download button and you are good to go.

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May your holiday season be merry and bright and the upcoming New Year be AWESOMESAUCE 😀

P.S. Want to share this little ebook? Perhaps share with your students? You can share with whoever you want as long as everything stays together (as in you must share all pages and can not take the book apart).

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