Reiki is Like Magic: All Magic Comes With A Price Part 1

Reiki is Like Magic: All Magic Comes With A Price Part 1

I absolutely love Once Upon A Time and my favorite character is Rumplestiltskin. He has to be one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in a long time. And Robert Carlyle is holy crap amazeballs in the roll. Creeps me out and pulls at my heartstrings at the same time. Snow White can’t do that for me, neither can any of the other “good side” characters. Rumple is where it’s at. Anyway…

What does this have to do with Reiki? Well…One of Rumplestiltskin’s signature phrases is “all magic comes with a price, dearie”.

Here’s the thing.

Reiki is like magic and it comes with a price.

Not doing self-Reiki means no life altering inner magic that Reiki can help bring about. Not taking the time (the price) to do Reiki means there is no reward (the magic). In return you get frustrated that this “reiki stuff” doesn’t work. You are wrong. And you are entitled to your wrongness. You have to pay the price to get the goods.

  • Time is a price.
  • Your enrollment fee to the Reiki class is a price.
  • Daily practice is a price.
  • Dedication is a price.

But price feels like such a dirty dirty word for the awesome of Reiki doesn’t it? Let’s look at it this way. Reiki comes with an energy exchange. You exchange money for the class. You exchange time and dedication to the practice of daily self-Reiki to get the miracles you look for.

You can change magic or Reiki with whatever word you want, but the ending is still the same. Everything has an equal exchange of energy that is required to receive it. If you don’t pay the price shit isn’t gonna go your way.

Part 2 is here. Share in the comments how Reiki is like magic for you and how you paid the price for it.

2 thoughts on “Reiki is Like Magic: All Magic Comes With A Price Part 1”

  • Instead of price — which I am fine with, by the way — a valid substitute would be ‘value’. Everything in the Universe has value. Even a simple electron has value — spin and direction. The laws of physics depend on value. The law of conservation of energy depends on value. “Every action induces an equal and opposite reaction.” Value.
    “Pricing” is just one way of quantifying value; there are many such.
    Everything has value. This Blog has tremendous value. I hope a lot of people are reading it.

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