Reiki for Free: All Magic Comes With A Price Part 2

Reiki for Free: All Magic Comes With A Price Part 2

Honestly, this two-part series is because I saw a meme someone posted on facebook. But I didn’t think it felt appropriate to start with this piece. Part one is here.

The meme I saw on facebook had a picture of Once Upon A Time Rumplestiltskin Robert Carlyle and it went like this: When people love your work, but don’t want to pay for it. All magic comes at a price, Dearie. I’m sure you can google it.

Give me a hell yes if this is how you feel at times!

As a Reiki professional, how often do you feel either compelled to do Reiki for free, discounted, people want it for free because they don’t understand it, or some version of giving away your time for free?

Even if you aren’t a Reiki professional you probably have some skill that people want to use–for free. Screw that. You are worthy to have your time, expertise, and experience paid for. It’s not like you would accept a job if it didn’t pay you. It’s the same thing here.

“Oh but Sierra, I can’t charge for Reiki, it’s a gift. It wouldn’t be right.” ::givesyouanareyouseriouslook:: Get a grip. You aren’t charging for Reiki, you are charging for your time. Your time is valuable so charge for it. Reiki is never free whether you do or don’t charge for it. The client or yourself is giving up time they could be doing something else. If you or a client goes through a healing crisis, that is a price. Maybe there is awkwardness, that’s a price.

In fact, what makes you think you are “better” or more “spiritual” by not charging? No, it would be better for everyone for you to work on your money blocks rather than charge nothing. Usui, the man that brought Reiki to us decided that it was best to charge. And with good reason. People do not help themselves if they don’t find value in it. By not charging you are also dismissing the value Reiki has.

Now, I’m not saying you have to charge money. You could barter and trade. As long as there is an exchange of something, but take another lesson from Rumplestiltskin and always negotiate and know the price ahead of time, oh and a lesson from me, make sure the trade/barter feels good to you and you are happy with it. If you have someone say they will clean a room in your house for a Reiki session how does that make you feel? Are you okay with that? Or would 2 rooms make you happier and feel like a better exchange? Also when is the trade going to take place? Certainly you aren’t going to do a session today and wait six months for the other person to fulfill their part? You don’t want to feel like crap because things went south so make sure it is something you absolutely are okay with. ::beentheredone*that::

Do you charge for Reiki? Yay! If not, why not? I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “Reiki for Free: All Magic Comes With A Price Part 2”

  • Brilliant post. TANSTAAFL. The acronym comes from a Robert Heinlein novel, maybe several of them. It means — there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. If there is no direct payment or exchange, no barter, no emotional or psychological price or ‘blackmail’ (mom guilt), absolutely nothing — then it is a gift, and the giver pays or has paid for it in some way. If you are the recipient, you are on the receiving end of some Universal largess, and the correct response is, ‘thank you’. But it still isn’t free. TANSTAAFL.
    Namaste. Gregory Myers

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