Reiki Coloring Book [Free Reiki Printable]

Reiki Coloring Book [Free Reiki Printable]

Today I’ve got a fun little freebie for you! It is a small 7 page Reiki Coloring Book a free Reiki printable! How exciting is that? There is no need to sign up for the mailing list (although that is soooo greatly appreciated!).

All you do is just hit one of the pictures below or click here. Another page will open and all you gotta do is download to your computer. It’s kind of a big file so it will take time to download.

The pages are 11 x 8.5, but should be workable with other paper sizes if you choose to print them out. If you do choose to print them out and color them I would LOVE to see them so send me a pic through email (reikiplayground [at] gmail [dot] com of course use @ and . when actually emailing me.) or join the facebook group and share there 😀

When coloring these pages, I suggest surrounding yourself in Reiki and contemplating the words on the pages. Listen to some really awesome music and get in the zone. Really think about the principles as you color them and meditate on them. What discoveries come to you as you color? How are you becoming closer to Reiki every day? Make these pages (and Reiki) your own 🙂

Also be sure to check out the 52 Reiki Journal Writing Prompts mini ebook here.

Sending Reiki your way <3


P.S. Think someone would like these pages? Perhaps your students? You can share these pages as long as you don’t modify them (as in keep my website at the bottom of the page).

Reiki Coloring Book Free Reiki Printable  Reiki Coloring Book Free Reiki Printable

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