Use Reiki Bubbles to Clear Your Space and Bring in Joy

Use Reiki Bubbles to Clear Your Space and Bring in Joy

Here at Reiki Playground we like to have fun. And Reiki bubbles are tons of fun! Bubbles lets your inner child come out to play and adding Reiki just makes things so much better.

Creating Reiki Bubbles

What do I mean by Reiki bubbles? Simple, you have a bottle of bubbles/bubble wand/bubble machine, etc. and you infuse the soapy liquid with Reiki.

  • Hold the container of bubbles between your hands and intend that each bubble that is blown is filled with Reiki.
  • Draw the symbols you have access too (if any) on the bubble wand before blowing.
  • Also, while blowing bubbles intend that your breath fills the bubbles with Reiki.
  • You can draw any/all Reiki symbols on the bottle if you wish to give an extra boost.
  • Lastly, if you want to add some crystal energy to the mix, drop in a cleansed clear quartz that you have asked if it would help in the clearing of the space.

Using Reiki Bubbles

Now that you know how to create Reiki bubbles (totally easy right?) you’re going to have a blast blowing them all over the space that needs to be energetically cleansed.

Blow your Reiki bubbles with intention and have fun doing it. Remember not to get aggressive with it, we don’t want you passing out! Blow your Reiki bubbles with joy filled in your heart. Leap around (safely) if you can! Sing a song that fills you with happiness. Make up an entertaining clearing rhyme.

Get your bubbles everywhere and let them pop where they fall. You don’t need to fill the entire room with bubbles if you don’t want to, just do as much as you feel is needed for the energy in the room to shift.

You can also use Reiki bubbles to boost someone’s mood by blowing Reiki bubbles at them (don’t get it in their eyes though! Or mouth).

Disclaimer about Reiki bubbles: you may need to test fabrics to see if the bubble liquid will stain. Use Reiki bubbles responsibly. Some surfaces get slippery when wet or bubbled so make sure you watch your step.

Have you used Reiki bubbles to clear a room’s energy? If so what is your experience with them?

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