Reiki Breath Prayers

Reiki Breath Prayers

My favorite breathing exercise during a Reiki session is using breath prayers. Don’t worry, this isn’t religious (but it could be if you wanted it to be).

Breath prayers are super easy and can help keep you focused in a session or during meditation. You may already be doing them and not know it!

To do a breath prayer you select a short phrase or a couple of words. You breathe in part one and breathe out part two. You repeat for as long as you want and can change with each breath if you want or do the same breath prayer the whole time. Breath prayers can be done silently or out loud.

Reiki Breath Prayers to get you started

Breathe in: May all beings

Breath out: have peace

Breathe in: love

Breathe out: peace

Breath in: Reiki flows

Breathe out: where it goes

Breathe in: Reiki love

Breath out: Reiki peace

Breathe in: love

Breathe out: light

Breathe in: Reiki

Breathe out: healing

Breathe in: I breathe in light

Breath out: I breathe out love

Breathe in: I am love

Breathe out: I am light

Tips and other ways to use Reiki breath prayers

Use deep breathing and make the phrase/word last as long as each breath. Loooooovvvvvvveeeeeee Peacccccccceeeeeee

If you enjoy chanting, chant the breath prayers.

If you like singing, then sing them!

Sit in gassho and do the breath prayers instead of doing a session.

Do the Reiki principles as a breath prayer.

Use affirmations if you want.

Use breath prayers to build self-love

  • Place hands at heart:
    • Breathe in: I love
    • Breathe out: myself
    • Breathe in: I am perfect
    • Breath out: the way I am

You don’t have to do breath prayers during just Reiki or meditation. Anytime you need to calm yourself or get back to center would also be a perfect time to use one.

Try different breath prayers for different hand positions.

  • Hands on head:
    • Breathe in: my mind
    • Breathe out: is clear
    • Breathe in: I am
    • Breathe out: connected to source
  • Hands on throat:
    • Breathe in: I speak
    • Breathe out: my truth
    • Breathe in: I speak
    • Breathe out: clearly

Have you tried Reiki breath prayers? If so what are some of your favorites?

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