Reiki Box: Constant Reiki

Reiki Box: Constant Reiki

I love the idea of constant reiki. Just set it and go. Sitting down and mindfully receiving reiki is immensely important, but sometimes you’re just too on the go to remember.

This is for the on-the-go peeps that tend to forget themselves. A reiki box can become your companion to self-healing.

What is a reiki box?

That’s the first question that pops up, isn’t it? What the heck is this reiki box thing? Simply, it’s a tool to help you reiki multiple people/animals/affirmations/things/etc. at once. It can be a box, bag, tupperware container, etc. It can be physical, electrical (like an open doc in a word processor), or mental.

I personally use a small round box. It fits perfectly in my hands, and I love that. You can decorate your box, draw the symbols on it (I did), do whatever you want to make it scream “REIKI” for you.

How do you use a reiki box?

Easy peasy…you fill it up with your intentions/pictures/affirmations/healing requests/etc. Then you reiki the box with the intention that everything within the box gets reiki for the highest and greatest good of all involved.

Ideas for your reiki box:

  • Affirmations
  • Pictures of loved ones you wish to send reiki to
  • Goals
  • Seeds you plant later
  • Pictures of places you wish to send reiki to
  • Names of people to send reiki to
  • Pet names
  • Picture of the globe
  • Pictures of your city
  • Programed crystals
  • Healing crystals
  • Tarot/oracle cards you wish to reflect on

Other tips:

  • You can do like I do and put your reiki box in a crystal grid. That way everything in the box also gets yummy crystal energies too. Like a double whammy of goodness!
  • Set a time each day/week/month and regularly give the box reiki. 10-15 minutes would be good, more would be better 😉 Open each paper with names/goals/affirmations/etc and read them out loud to remind yourself what you’re working towards.
  • Create a box solely for yourself and one for others.
  • Remember to clear out the old once it’s come to pass.
    • Nothing fancy, simply take the item out and thank it for it’s help, then burn it, trash it, bury it, put it back in it’s proper spot, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Reiki Box: Constant Reiki”

  • Hi Sierra! I have a question about the Reiki box but first, great article! Thank you for the wonderful explanation. Ok. My question… you stated to create a box solely for myself and one for others. Am I able to create a Reiki box, send Reiki to it, THEN send it out to someone else and have them put their intentions/pictures/healing requests in the box? If so, how often could they do this before the box loses it’s Reiki energy? Could I send Reiki to the box so it can be recharged, let’s say monthly? OR do the intentions/pictures/healing requests have to be inside the box BEFORE the Reiki is sent to the box? I’m just wondering because with the stones, you can send infinite Reiki energy to it and if the recipient is in need of just some energy comfort, they can just hold the stone/rock and pray/meditate to it to receive the Reiki that was energized into the stone. So it made me think that maybe the same concept can be used on the box. Can you clarify? I’m new to Reiki but I’m learning so much and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you! With love and peace ~Peechee

    • Hi Peechee! I got your emails and emailed you the answer, but I’m putting it here too so other people can see 🙂 Thank you so much!

      To answer your Reiki box question. Yes, you can create a Reiki box, send Reiki to it, then send it out to someone else to put their stuff in the box. The Reiki will run out eventually, but then it is still a powerful intention box. You can send Reiki to the box so it can be recharged how often you want, potentially making it so that the Reiki energy does not run out. Monthly would be fine, or weekly, or daily, whatever feels good to you. The intentions/pictures/healings do not need to be inside the box before Reiki is sent to the box.

      I’m guessing you are wanting to Reiki charge a box and send it to someone else to put their own stuff in it? That’s totally fine! When they get the box they can put all their intentions/pictures/healings etc inside the box and they will get the Reiki energies. You could have them give the box energy too, something like hold the box in their hands or at their heart and imagine they are pouring love into the box or white light or ask for it to be blessed (whatever feels good to you), that way they get their energies in the box too.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions I’m happy to help 🙂


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